It is strongly recommended to plan at least pause long enough to allow at least take a hot meal during working hours. The meals must also be light, trying to reduce the amount of lipids away from junk food, although this is a general and not specific recommendation. ” On the other hand Asefarma stresses that while the pharmacist owner who has the leadership and organization of pharmacy, the shift, among others, are conditions to be agreed in the contract of employment, and this is an agreement between employer and worker. “And every company should have a plan for prevention of occupational hazards and to inform and educate the worker of the hazards of the job.” In other matters this advice also explains that after a night shift can not do overtime. “The labor law establishes restrictions on these shifts, by the impact they have on health. These days not exceed 8 hours per day on average in a reference period of 15 days. There is also a ban on the performance of overtime for night shifts at the Workers’ Statute. ” Another question to which answer is to Asefarma whether it is profitable for the worker wear the white coat at night.

“The agreement of pharmacy, regulated in Art. 30, the amount to be paid in respect of nocturnal plus. It states that the consist plus 15% of basic monthly salary received by the worker to come. As to whether it is profitable or not we appreciate the reasons for this shift is chosen that are either economic (wages to be increased to plus nocturnal), character or personality of the employee, his personal and family circumstances, and high health cost that this entails, “says Illera. About ASEFARMA: ASEFARMA, SL is a global consulting pharmacies and pharmacists to areas of buying and selling pharmacies, tax work, accounting, financial, insurance, legal and strategic consultancy committed to finding solutions to the problems that the pharmacist’s professional activity poses a direct and continuous contact with its customers, which reports on developments that occur in all the above areas, and how affects them and their Office of Pharmacy.