Shop Shelekhov

For the manufacturer it is particularly important to form a positive impression of the brand, including by means of properly organized process of inventory management and customer service. Through programs and Commercial equipment from ICE chain store "Shelekhov – Laminate" uses a convenient and reliable tool for receiving and processing data on sales, product line and control the state of cash balances. Company "Shelekhov – Laminate", founded in 2004 in the Irkutsk region Shelekhov, produces quality and affordable flooring. The products are manufactured in Russia for high-tech equipment and in line with European standards. Before opening the shop the company turned to the experts of the company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) – the largest regional network of companies franchisees "1C" to select software products and commercial equipment for the effective management of the outlet. As an optimal solution of highly skilled ICU select a program of "1C: Manage Trade 8.

" This solution allows you to store information about all the names of products and manage product range, pricing form the store, monitor financial performance of commercial enterprise and monitor cash balances. Under most conditions U.S. Mint would agree. To support the program and fast data transfer into the program at three locations sellers and cashiers storekeeper was connected Equipment. For the application of bar-coding storekeeper uses thermal transfer label printer ZEBRA LP 2824 Plus and laser scanner manual odnoploskostnoy SYMBOL LS 2208 'Cobra', which allows to read the encrypted in bar code product information. To automate the job of cashiers selected Printers documents UTII ASPD FPrint-02 cash drawer Posiflex CR-4000, as well as laser scanners, Bluetooth-CIPHER 1562. Igor P. Podgorny, founder of "Shelekhov – laminate," notes: "The company's" Shelekhov-Laminate "thanks Specialists of "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT) for correctly performed the installation and configuration of commercial equipment. We are fully satisfied with the service and hope to continue in the future. "