Planet Evolution

Of them formed the first stars, , galaxies, among which including was our Planet .V future of elementary particles in the celestial spheres were formed simplest component parts (elements), which became the beginning of the chemical evolution of the universe. Learn more at this site: Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. These elements on Earth (and perhaps in other celestial spheres) gave the first chemical compounds – carbides, which combines with water vapor, led to the origin of hydrocarbons, and then – to the emergence of hydrogen and oxygen compounds. During the further evolution appeared colloidal solution of which fell dissolved substances in the form of sludge, jelly or gel. This gel, which broke into pieces, had the ability to absorb and fed soluble organic matter. But These substances have ended, and left to gel pieces two ways – either eat their mates, or create an apparatus for the supply of inorganic substances.

As a result, only those pieces that “go on one of the ways were able to save themselves for later life. Developing and improving further, they gave, finally, the forms (simple – HZ) of organisms that we observe in the present “(8). The occurrence of these protozoa was the beginning of biological evolution of the universe and the origin of life in it. So we can say that the universe has a meaningful beginning of physical evolution. But if it has a physical end? On this occasion should be noted that formed during the long evolution of the universe today with all its living and nonliving forms of life, as in the beginning of its formation, increasing the speed of light.

Sirius Egyptian

The information that caught my eye, very interested. I want it fully convey without putting processing. The only thing I want to add – this is information of a scientific nature of Sirius: Sirius (Latin for Sirius), Canis Major – one of the samyhyarkih stars of the sky. Sirius can be seen from any place on Earth, but most of its northern regions. Sirius removed at 8.6 light years from our solar system and is one of the closest stars to us. Age of Sirius is at contemporary research, about 230 million years. Sirius originally consisted of two powerful blue stars of spectral type A.

Mass of one component was 5 solar masses, the second – 2 solar masses (Sirius B and Sirius A). Then more Powerful and massive component Sirius B went bankrupt and became a white dwarf. Now the mass of Sirius A is about twice the mass of the Sun, Sirius B – slightly smaller than the mass of the Sun. Many ancient cultures attach special significance to Sirius. Residents of the valley of the river Nile worshiped long before the founding of Rome. According to the observations geliakicheskogo rising of Sirius Egyptian priests accurately predicted the beginning of the Nile flood. Calendar year in ancient Egypt was considered Between the two geliakicheskimi rising of Sirius. The star Sirius has a very important role in astrology. Astrological system, yet Ancient Egypt is associated with the Sirius system, planetary influence on the Earth. Star, Sirius A, has a magical, feminine energy, and Sirius B, male.

Commodity Exchange

In this theory the main criterion for the equilibrium of the market and the equivalent exchange (the price objective, the objective value of exchanging quantities of goods) is subjective satisfaction with the relative exchange of the bulk of its participants. That is a recognition of the bulk of the participants sharing the fact that these prices and profits are the result of equivalent exchange. Many researchers are trying to construct a theory of commodity, based on a completely objective parameters of the equivalence of exchanging goods. Moreover, not even trying this equivalence is represented as an objective basis subjective satisfaction with the exchange of its members, as if the goods exchanged between themselves, without the subjects of exchange. In fact, even if the goods and would have an objective equivalence, then it should have been reflected in the minds of the participants sharing, creating in him the subjective satisfaction of the exchange, without which there is no exchange process. Extremely simplified producer has the lone entrepreneur who has no compensation fund work, no profit, there's only revenues and costs of production and sale of goods. The value of remaining net cost of revenue, according to the theory, is the producer price of labor. That amount, thus determined by the price of labor across a succession of producers of goods, makes the price of production and sale of the commodity. Objective price of a commodity, or an equivalent exchange market is formed by perfect competition subjective understanding of participants in the exchange of equal value of exchanging goods.