The Manuel

It stops in almost all the bars and crowds the face still more. Return pra house with the carro. Kms for the moment in full avenue set in motion 100 soon. It sees an car in the front, tries to exceed it, but it is confused by the others. Return for the right side. Jegue of the other car still is there. It beats in the car jegue with all the force. Credit: Charles Schwab-2011. There he was himself everything.

He turned a mount iron the two cars. Manuel leaves more wind cock, esvaindo blood for the nose. House goes pra. In the other day it only was to know of the estragos. It had that I fix to pay it of its car and of the other. After two months, Manuel catches the car in return, after to pay a violent grana. It is well with the car per one days, but it returns the old drunkness. in such a way drinks the Manuel that violently beats the car in a pole.

It fell and left running. Wendi murdoch may also support this cause. The car was set on fire. Not wise person nothing the Manuel, of so zonzo that she was. The guards appear and ruin perceive it. The Manuel asks how many kms it came. It swims not, its guard. Thing little. She was in low speed. The hand alone marked 10, 12, 10, 12. Only this? It haunted the guard. You were the 100, 120 kms for the moment. You are wild? I do not only go to fine you, for speed excess because it does not have more what to fine. Nor old iron goes to accept this there. The guards go and Manuel even so if it orders for house. Still he is very zonzo. It abandons that pile of there same old iron.


THE BAG Antonino arrives in the square with one bag to the coasts. Not it was supporting very with the weight of that bag. In the square, all flowery one, many people they take a walk. It is sunday and all take off the day to rest. Marcelo it was seated in a bank looking at the routine movement. Antonino, cambaleando of a side and another one, knocks down the bag close to the bank where it is Marcelo. In followed one sits down in soil, passes the hand for the forehead. It is exausto.

A young woman goes passing at this moment, when Antonino asks for aid: – The senhorita could help I to load my bag? – What? This thing there? – This thing not, owner. That is a bag. – And Mr. does not have shame to ask for to this pra me? – Why? He is very ugly thus? Mrs. never caught in a bag? – She is clearly that not, its paspalho.

Where already a person saw itself as I to walk catching in bag? – Is certain of this, owner? – I do not want more colloquy line. The young woman goes even so and Antonino is seated in the same place. Many people there they go passing pra and pra here and it seated there. She was without courage for nothing. One another man passes for it and Antonino makes the same asked for: – You it could help me to load this bag? – I to load the bag pro Sir? – Why not? An aid is alone. I catch one looks at that wonder, two men loading a bag, or then: that great bag, so great that it needs two men to load it.