Toshiba will launch in U.S.A., aoutoesteroscpia TV 3D (that is, it does not need eyeglasses). TV already is commercialized in Japan and in Germany with the name of 55lz2, the price esteem of aparelhoo is about 10 a thousand dollars almost 18 a thousand Reals (without counting the taxes). Toshiba television set in contrast of trend SMART TVs, foca in the attractive ones of the image. The screen can arrive the 55 counts, can show a resolution of quadHD that is 3,480 2,160 times pixels that is the double of fullHD current. But when it shows images in 3D the resolution falls for 720p. The TV uses varies lenses to direct two lightly distinct images, a55lz2 is divided in 9n regions so that more people obtain to enxergar effect the same. beyond having a software to track the face of the spectators to adapt the lenses. It is important to notice that although to be for few, these products of tip finish opening doors for new technologies. who knows one day can have in our room one of these products for less than 18 a thousand Reals. Postado for Gustavo Coast to the 09:51 0 commentaries