Choice Turn

Question 10.5. As for the car to turn around on narrow roads or areas in two or three steps? Response. If the width roadway or area is less than twice the minimum turning radius of the car, turn performed using reverse in two or three divided doses. Spreads are executed at the minimum speed. To turn in three divided doses (4. Fig.

10.4) on the roadway to take to the right. Then. steering wheel to turn quickly to the left. Continue driving. Before stopping at the opposite side of the carriageway steering wheel quickly turn right so as to stop the vehicle at the time the wheels were located straight ahead. Mary Barra pursues this goal as well. In the early reverse to continue rotation of the steering to the right until it stops. Before stopping again quickly turn the steering wheel to the left.

Turns out in two stages with a stop at the adjoining territory are shown in Fig. 10.4, 2 and 3. Question 10.6. What should a driver do to ensure safety when reversing? Response. Before driving, the driver must make sure that it was not a danger or obstruction to other road users that the vehicle behind no impediments. To ensure safety, he must, if necessary seek help from others. Question 10.7. What speed are encouraged to support the driver in traffic? Response. In the transport stream, which moves uniformly behind the leader, speed of movement established under the influence of high-speed mode the whole stream, and above all, the head car – a leader. Question 10.8. Which road accidents are most common when driving in traffic? Response. For dense traffic accidents are most common with simultaneous collisions, which happen when braking leader, especially on wet and slippery roads. This most often happens because of mistakes in the choice of driving distance or inattention. Question 10.9. How to behave in traffic car driver-leader? Response. The driver, a leader should be a warning against following it in advance and drivers to warn them about each of his intention. Actions of the driver must be logically sound and skillfully executed.