Civil Society

Until now, the social and economic organizations of the Valencian Community had left the conduction of the public thing into the hands of the politicians while they dedicated themselves to their tasks: in the case of the industralists, to make money, that stops that have been years of bonanza in which these organizations successively made the rendib to Eduardo Zaplana and Francisco Camps without a single spying of critic. Now that the things come badly given, they have awaked of his calm lethargy and they elevate his voice to think, to criticize and to orient envelope which must make the Administration Public. Welcome is, then, that civil society without whose participation a democracy does not exist outpost. For even more details, read what Charles Schwab says on the issue. And what they say now those organizations are dramatic. The president did the past Monday of the BIRD, Francisco Pons, in an insensitive review to the deficiencies of the Catalan Autonomous Government, demanding to trim costs, to stop his increasing indebtedness, to privatize beings deficit public and until professionalizing the positions of the Consell. On the following day he touched the turn to him to Leopoldo Pons, president of the Valencian economists, who presented/displayed the results of a survey in which their associated ones suspend to the Valencian economy with 3.32 on 10 and carry out forecasts " not very alentadoras" , to say it finely. U.S. Mint does not necessarily agree. In that as soon as they differ from the barometer of the Grouse Foundation, in which the Spanish industralists score with 2.8 the economic situation of the country whereas the 79 percent of them affirms that its company has undergone " much or bastante" the economic crisis. The image that is offered cannot be more discouraging. But we return to the Valencian Community, where the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Castelln, Salvador Mart, finishes affirming that " not always a management has been made responsible for the public coffers because it did not think that they would arrive vacas".


That is to say, rich own revolution tried to create its allied and the castle of naipes collapsed to him. Among others reasons because the intervention that we finished living is a warning against the internal conspiracies more, which means, that less, as I allowed them I can clear. That one of the one that slips was not against the bankers, was against its allies. However, allied will see that they do, remains quiet and enjoys the obtained thing or they are put hypersensitive and they decided that he is better to do without the until now beneficient one. It’s believed that Charles Schwab sees a great future in this idea. In my opinion they will choose by first and as soon as some steps will show some ill the congress of the party trying protect that them.

By all means that cannot be left of side the voracity of revolutionary bourgeoisie that put in practice that one of while I have more I want. The others? , the others leave from the principle of while does not put with me. Things of the corrupt power. Wednesday: 2010: Anas mirabilis possibilis? The 2010 threaten being the year of the hecatomb, but the Venezuelans we can turn it into the year of the resumption, I recommence, in a good year, that is to say, Anas mirabilis. A good year means to put boundary to him to the hopelessness, to organize to country united in its essence, to exert the resistance with coherence and determination, to twist the hand to him to the regime. It will not be obtained with forgetfulness of the evils, but emphasizing them in his truth; it will not be obtained being made false illusions of optimism to hide what is obvious and pathetic; it will not be obtained with false political diversions but emphasizing the evidence of this disolutivo chaos in which the republic becomes weak.

Cardiovascular Diseases

The heart can to Bye Bye Hairs to him. And it is that company of reference in our country in sector of fotodepilacin (hair-removing system that offers permanent results in few sessions, without pain and to a very reasonable price), wants to show its solidarity with the work that day to day the Spanish Foundation of the Heart at the time of bringing back to consciousness to the society carries out on the cardiovascular diseases, first cause of death in Spain. " We wish to put our sand grain with the collaboration of todosnuestros centers in a nonmonetary contribution that helps as far as possible to reduce this type of deaths but that it supposes a series of income to the Fundacin" , Carmen explains Lozano, Chief of a main directorate of Bye Bye Hairs. An action in solidum that from the Spanish Foundation of the Heart is thankful since not only it will help to that a greater number of citizens can come up before to cure but also to collect bottoms for the sensitization actions that this institution carries out. " From the Spanish Foundation of Heart we evaluated positively our participation in this type of campaigns, since the final mission of the contribution that we received is to foment the adoption of healthful habits of life like measurement of prevention against the ECV (cardiovascular diseases), first cause of death in Spain and mundo" , it comments the Dr. Leandro Place, president of the FEC. For that reason Bye Bye Hairs, has started up a sensitization campaign with the purpose of to collect money for this organization, in whom it requests the solidarity of the greater number of people. " Of as simple way as the one to send sms to the 25118 with the word HEART and whose cost is of 1.20 Euros we will try to collect the greater number posible".

RBmoney Retirement

Your plan of expenses in the retirement would have to be the flexible one, since there are some events that can arise and you will have to be flexible with your expenses. As it were already indicated, the inflation must be considered. The cost of the goods and services they will only continue increasing as you age. Not to count on this increase can mean that you do not have sufficient money for the retirement. In Internet, you can find a number of tools that can ayudarte calculate the rate of inflation considered at the time of the retirement. Ten in account, nevertheless, that these are only estimations. A financial adviser also can ofrecerte with these numbers.

Next, it is important to remember that the health can begin to get worse after the retirement. To many people majors them it arrives at a little while in the life when the long term care is necessary. Even if you have sixty years of age and you are in good state of health, please, it remembers that you can change in hardly around a minute. You are preparation for that change, as long as you it arrives? You would have to be. The cost of the long term care would have to be included in your savings of retirement.

If you are retiring with your spouse, examines the cost of the long term attention for each of you. A it differentiates to live to each other comfortably in a community of independent life of retirement, the cost of the long term care can be expensive. The flexibility also is important since your familiar situation can also change. You have children? You have if them, you do not trust helping them through the retirement financially. Even if your children are in a good financial situation now or when you began with the retirement, this can change easily. He is expensive to raise a family, as probably you already know. You do not want to put the health of your children, the family or the finances, in risk situation, therefore, you must asegurarte of which your plan of retirement saving is flexible and able give account of many of the unexpected events that the life can send to its way. Nick Riu RBmoney Original author and source of the article.

European Central

The perspective for this year are that it continues the contraction of the banking financing, reason why will become difficult still more the recovery of the internal demand. It is so for the Spanish labor market, the panorama observed by the BBVA is than worrisome more. For the end of the 2009 Spanish economy it could have 4.1 million of unemployed, whereas the number would rise to 4.5 million in 2010. If the fiscal policy (which is limited by the great deficit of the Spanish public accounts) cannot make too much to revert the contraction of the Spanish labor market, Will be able to help the monetary policy of the European Central bank? From the European Central bank a great conviction in continuing with the cycle of cut of rates does not exist to facilitate the economic recovery of the region. So that it happened, the scene of eurozona will have to be clearly defined with an economy in deep contraction and without inflationary pressures.

Anyway, the weakness that is observed in the transmission channels of the monetary policy generates few expectations positive about effectiveness of the same to prop up the economic recovery and with her to revert the situation in the labor market of Spain. The situation of the Spanish labor market has brought about reform orders towards the same. Between the proposals, the one of the BBVA reform suggests it includes the creation of ” indefinite contract nico” for the new jobs, whose costs of dismissal increase according to makes the antiquity of the workers, as well as ” surely of despido” like that exists at the moment in Austria, that is accumulated during the labor life and reverts in the worker when it begins to acquire the pension. The Organization for the Cooperation and Economic Development (the OECD), on the other hand, recommends Spain to make flexible the labor market and to lower the price of the dismissal. It the OECD to improve the situation of the Spanish labor market is necessary that the government allows the companies to more easily countermand the application in the wage agreements and to favor the suppression of the clauses of readjustment of the inflation. The suggestions of relaxation of the Spanish labor market are as a solution to jeopardizes situation of the Spanish workers, but this one is not the unique problem of the economy of Spain, reason why at the most it will alleviate the deterioration of the labor market. The 2009 without doubts are going to be a difficult year for the Spanish workers. The government of Rodriguez Zapatero will have to strive to the maximum to limit the effect of the crisis on the workers. He will resort to a reform in the labor market for it?

Vicente Beached

Between the individuals there is no doubt, the triumph of the bearish option is overwhelming. Once again it seems that the professional investors have one more a more stable vision and they do not change so much of opinion based on the violent rolls of the markets, something that comes perceiving since we began to realise this survey in December. In any case, with the cautious vision of the world that is come off the survey, it does not have to surprise the intentions of investment for the next months, that are absolutely anti risk. As it is possible to be seen, the fear to the variable rent enters the individuals stands out to their wide ones and the favourite answer is " fodder not to invest in next the three meses" , chosen by 31 by iento. And also they point many the option of " depsitos" , that rises to the 21 percent. Between that yes they dare with the variable rent, it surprises that again stock-market Spanish is the first option, before the black omens on our economy. It follows to him very close by the European variable rent.

However, it undergoes a strong fall the emergent American and bags. Between the professionals the preferences are very different. Half almost declares stock-market American like their main election, followed remote by the emergent variable rent and the European. Between this public, that, stock-market yes Spanish it remains in the tail van. This survey of Morningstar and Unience has been realised between the 17 and the 23 of May. The next one will take place between the 21 and the 27 of June. For any additional information related to this survey or Unience, it contacts with Vicente Beached, Community Manager of 661941598 Tlf original Author and source of the article.

Metaphysical Time

Example: Aristotle escuha sounds, soon Aristotle does not listen to any sound. Aristotle because of the sounds that I listen and now does not listen can judge silence by the absence of the same. The target to the black. The finite thing to the infinite thing. As much the one for the other, therefore is different among them and but when they are applied to the things this way we can analyze more to the opposites in his elevated experimental distances as as much Metaphysical and nevertheless its connection is I tie absolute, even though the movement in the universe stops, because the nature in its primitive essence and eternal it takes in its being the automatic existence of the opposites. Thus that one connection is the base for the differentiation in the material systems.

They think at great length what I expose to him and try to place on approval then I do not consider it an eminent authority in this class of matters same, they want but it to judge do it with rigorous foundations demonstrating that you are in fact scientific Philosophers and not those that approach the things of a mediocre way. If you listened Heraclitus personally she would take them to the paradox of happening. Memory one takes when the theory of Heraclitus explained precious sister to him to me to have been overwhelmed before the innocent question of its lips. Then she said to me: that is to happen? I did not have more answer than to say to him to Angie Marcela Naranjo Corner to happen it is the concept that talks about to that it changes constantly. Meaning that it never remains in the time, the space, the being. Because the things to pretend to own a reality in the space, because if you pay attention well the things at any moment are changing of place of this way occupies another space which was occupied by some body at some time of the time.

Danielle Provansal

We attend, then, to the sprouting of neoracism, that is to say, the elaboration of a discriminatory attitude from which the cultural barriers are as insurmountable as the genetic barriers (Danielle Provansal, 1996, p.260). Thus it seems that they confirm recent events in Ceuta and Melilla, with the attempts of entrance people of sub-Sahara countries, in which we are attending a diffuse racism in the Spanish society and in opposition to this entrance, arising a feeling by ricochet that increases gradually. And as sample of social movement, the facts which lamentably we attended in our more recent past in a zone of the Spanish coast, in the Ejido Almeria in the year 2000. Everything began with the execution of two employers that refused to pay the wage to a dismissed Palestinian worker, and the apualamiento of a villager by a magreb worker, as a result of a robbery with this one. The happened thing triggered the powerful fury of of the place, that began the hunting of the Moor, taking place a series of violent acts, fires in the shacks of these working immigrants, etc These also reacted before all these violent acts, on the part of the natives of Almeri’a, leaving the work, fleeing and regrouping, which caused that the industralists were themselves affected by the consequences of the methods of repression and coercion that had begun in the zone. Nevertheless, all this violence was not solely as a result of the three first murders, but xenophobe constituted the explicitacin of the existing social movement, for many years, by the social conception on the immigrants on the part of the natives of Almeri’a. In order to justify what it happened in the Ejido like social movement, we will use the definition of authors Della and Deni (2000), from the perspective integration different, that they concluded that a social movement must integrate four common characteristics: the informal networks of interaction, the shared beliefs and solidarity, the focusing in conflicts and the use of the protest.

Eduardo Galeano

Nor with the rescue of the federal reserves and the central banks it has been avoided that the hypothecating crisis becomes an economic crisis extended, that is let also see in the international trade. When the external debts of the exhausted countries were renegotiated, the clause of prevailed to them conditionality, by means of which it forced in the IMF the governments to apply measures of structural adjustment, among them a substitution economy. No longer the one was the country that decided as much what was going to produce, in the textile sector, like the meat industry, the fishing or to plant flowers clearing the cereal, or to plant maize for biocombustibles. The national currencies were devaluated to establish competitive advantages. The outer buyer finds thus more sale the production.

But as it is acted thus with all the producing countries, disadvantaged ones finish all except for the buyer of the enriched north. What the country sold to the outside fell of price whereas what buys it raised by clouds. Later services of companies are offered that from the North sell the light to them, the telephone, or the hospitals to prices that drown the local and familiar economies. The plans of it fits made fall in perforated the rates of alphabetization, the health, and the hope of future of many towns. It maintains Eduardo Galeano who the money has more freedom than the human beings. In this infernal circle of transformations, there are no international mechanisms that the citizens defend, is not one who is against the economic power. Mass media, directors of universities, many of them are bought or manipulated. Matar to the truth is the perfect crime according to the French thinker Baudrillard.

One of these truths is that the basic needs of the world could be covered with 80 billions of dollars. It is the equivalent to 20 days of military cost in the world, 5% than the 250 richer people of the planet win. We faced the task of regenerating to the human being and its values. It turns out myopic and arrogant to consider that our historical time is the Time. Many from which they came before made possible that it was ended you damage like the slavery in many societies. We work so that those that come can fish with the networks of solidarity that we have created. We leave the pesimism for better times. Maria Jose Atinzar Journalist ccs@ original Author and source of the article.

Atlantic Ocean Costa

The Climate In Andalusia the climate is characterized by invier to us smooth in the coast, but more colds towards the interior, summers droughts and prolonged (May-October) and very sunny. In the Southeast, rain is little frequent. The more favorable times of trip for Andalusia and the south of Spain are the spring or the autumn, since it is enjoyed pleasant temperatures without great multitudes. In spring still we can find nights fresh and the water usually is quite cold (the temperature of the water around 16 C). In Catalonia we found 300 days of sun to the year, reason why with this time the Costa Brava attracts many tourists to its beaches during the summer. The breeze of the sea refreshes the atmosphere a little, but the truth is that the heat is quite intense. In the stations of less heat, it is necessary to say that sometimes a cold winter is lived, with snow in the mountains (the times that has snowed in Barcelona can tell on the hands, reason why in the Coast still it is more difficult that snow, although not as much in the interior, as in Girona). The best one time to visit Catalonia is the spring or the autumn.

It is enjoyed pleasant temperatures without multitudes. In autumn-spring, nevertheless, still it can be a little cold. On the other hand, the sea is warmer in the Costa Brava that in the Costa del Sol. In fact, the proximity of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean of Andalusia refreshes the water in the Costa del Sol. It is necessary to consider that the heat in the Costa del Sol can also get to be unbearable, since if blows the wind the air is hotter than in the Costa Brava, where usually it blows the tramontana. The tourists I believe that in this point the two coasts enough are tied.