Hawaii Submarine

The opportunity to participate in U-boat rides at many popular tourist destinations has an unforgettable underwater experience who wanted to experience has always been fascinating underwater worlds, but wants to complete a diving course. For more specific information, check out Stanley Gibbons. The travel portal reisen.de presents interesting opportunities. Who is planning a dive vacation, has a choice: Cyprus, Hawaii or perhaps last minute Lanzarote? No matter the choice ultimately falls on which of these destinations, many resorts U-boat rides for tourists are offered today. Previously such experiences were reserved for scientists and the Navy. Who would like to change perspective during a beach holiday on Lanzarote, you can discover the underwater world around Puerto Calero. From there, sub fun Tres appears up to four times a day the yellow submarine”.

The submarine is over 18 feet long, can accommodate 48 passengers and can dive up to 60 meters deep. It was built in Finland. 22 Outlook window, and two large panoramic Windows in the bow and transom allows a unique view. Who in Cyprus want to dive, is first brought in a boat from the South-East of the island to the diving center. But worth the effort. From the station is the submarine down to the wreck of a ship that sank in 1980. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Montgo Natural Park

Denia is a beautiful and friendly town situated on the Mediterranean coast between the cities of Alicante and Valencia. Among the many privileges of this land is to underscore its 322 days of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 18 C or 65 F. This city has a resident population of approximately 33,000 inhabitants. Although the summer months there are numerous people of all nationalities, who choose to spend a splendid season in these sunny lands. Denia has 20 miles of coastline. To the north, sandy beaches on the south, steep and rocky beaches, as the beach of Les Rotes, formed by many small coves and spots of great beauty. Year after year, the EU attaches to these beaches the blue flag, to distinguish them for their cleanliness and equipment. This land is imbued with evocations to other times and other cultures.

These memories make us aware that Denia has been Arab, Roman, Carthaginian and Iberians. And as evidence of the constant passing of civilizations, we can now offers numerous examples of architecture among which the magnificent castle that presides Denia. With a little luck, your stay in Denia can match one of the celebrations that enliven the city each year and prepare a calendar of festivals and cultural fairly complete: Las Fallas in March, Easter in April, Bonfires of San Juan in June, celebrations in July, Defiling the Moors y Christians in August. In any of these parties is guaranteed fun, color, music and dance. Denia has been and seafood. Walk through some of its oldest neighborhoods on the port or between people who come to the auction so evidence. Of course, where this tradition is also evident in its delicious seafood cuisine is where the undisputed star is rice in its many forms of development, among which the famous paella.

The typical dishes of this land have the players to shellfish and fresh fish, to vegetables and fresh fruits. The city of Denia is well connected by road and rail. No exit from the highway A-7 and from Ondara, connection to the national road N-332. The railway, narrow gauge, connecting the provincial capital, Alicante, with the city of Denia. To give you a real idea of the distances we know that Denia is 100 km in two provincial capitals: Alicante and Valencia. It is also only 58 km from Benidorm. By boat, there is daily service to the Balearic Islands is, with so cosmopolitan islands like Ibiza, as beautiful as Palma de Mallorca or Menorca and Formentera as quiet as the rest of the islands. And in my free time if you feel like you can enjoy beautiful excursions in the surroundings of Denia, disparate sites that encourage you to take excursions to the caves carved, Camel or Cave Water Cave, the Cape or Cape San Antonio de la Nao, Montgo Natural Park or Marine Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio.

Hiking Trails

The new gold trail – circular trail Haibach Elisabethszell Crosshouse Haibach/Elisabethszell (tvo). Many roads lead to the quality track gold platform. The Gold Trail Rundwanderweg haibach on Elisabethszell is new from May to Crosshouse in the Bavarian Forest. He turns before Konzell southern variant of the gold platform and runs through the hilly before forest in the small village of Haibach, from there climb to Elisabethszell and via the Crosshouse to the Sicklasberg (875 metres, retreat and accommodation) back on the gold trail after Konzell. On the go offers wide views over the Danube plain, in clear weather to the Alps.

Invite rustic inns to stay on the road. At the singing Wirt at the hotel Mariandl “whoever in Elisabethszell station, can meet along the way stars of the folk music scene, are here often at Stefan Dietl hotel guest. The new gold trail – circular trail will be opened on May 7, 2010 with a Star Trek. As of Tuesday, 11th may, guided are Haibach and Elisabethszell weekly Hikes offered. For the 21.5 kilometre long route is a hiking time from six to seven and a half hours. Information: Tourist info Haibach, Schulstrasse 1, 94353 shark b, Tel. 09963/943039-15, fax 09963/943039-29,, feel true distance: Goldsteig-Ge(h)nuss-Wandern in Vohenstrauss Vohenstrauss (tvo). Guided tours on the gold trail, a cabbage, a Ge(h)nussmenu, snacks with original Zoiglbier, a massage with essential oils, sauna, sanarium and the scent of freshly baked cake that afternoon is available: hiking and pleasure in the arrangement of the Landhotel Lindenhof in the upper Palatine forest join each other. This one feels real distance on the scenic hiking routes on the Gold Trail quality trail.


Without a doubt, Europe cruises are popular there, with a varied duration, making stops at different ports and departing from different cities, with various activities and in addition there are thematic or focused cruises to clients of a certain age. The degree in which a customer to enjoy their vacation on a Europe cruise is influenced by multiple factors, from the quality of the food, the service, the comfort of your cabin, up to the entertainment and the atmosphere which has on board the ship, as well as the activities carried out. All this will be reflected in customer and happiness this way in his liking by the European cruise, that is why people give their opinion on the cruises are, to publicize the quality of it. Then we have some opinions. Cristina Kirby Ryndam truth, I am somewhat disappointed. For more information see Annie Potts. I pay for a 5 star experience, and although it was fun and I pass it well, the service was not what I expected for the price that I had to pay. Maybe it was the season or the cruise line, but on my next cruise I hope a better service that I received. That is why I give this cruise a score of 5-3.

Sandra Midnatsol truth was a spectacular trip, the view was incredible, landscapes even more, all excursions by land were lovely, saw the world in a different way from the sea, in addition to the price wasn’t so high. The truth has been the best holidays I’ve spent with my children. This trip exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I want to thank the organizers of this European cruise, giving them a score of 5 +. Cruise change how Craig Stephenson Ocean Countess Este that it looked to all cruises. I am a person that tide with ease, so I always thought cruisers were not mine, however it was an unforgettable experience, everything was excellent, from the service to the excursions.

The truth, the six days that pass on the cruise were the best days I’ve had in a long time. That is why I give it a score of 5 +. Never hesitate to recommend this cruise to my friends and family. Cristina Barrow Finmarken never had been on a cruise before and actually left very impressed with the quality of the experience, service was amazing, everything was different to a normal holiday, it was like being eternally on vacation, although they were only 6 days, I felt as if it had been a whole month. It was amazing, thank you to all those who are involved making these cruises a unique experience. I give it 5 out of 5. Another excellent option: Mexican Caribbean: A path of sensations, the color of the sky on the shores of the Caribbean is one of the most beautiful spectacles in the world, and in each one of its beaches shows us different shades. Puerto Progreso, Cozumel and Chetumal, we will speak of colors that the mayas, and the Grand Cayman luxury enjoyed and Montego Bay will dazzle us with the brightness of its splendid sunsets.

Mauritian Spas

Many hotels offer treatments from all over the world in the autumn and is more than a family – and child-friendly holiday destination with stunning beaches and tropical greenery long actions for recreation Mauritius. Many hotels offer promotions and special offers for guests for the autumn season and give a visit to the Spa rich island special incentive. In recent months the the residence Mauritius has been completely – it celebrated the reopening on 19 September. The 600 m large spa area offers the full range of classical and Oriental beauty and wellness. The treatments take place with French cosmetics brand Carita products”.

Nine exotic elegantly appointed treatment rooms and a spa for children round off the offer. Until October 15, the special is 7 = 5 (get seven nights, pay for only five nights) and 10 = 6. From October 15th to 19th December 9 = 7, 7 = 6 and 13 is then = 10 details under. U.S. Mint will not settle for partial explanations. In the Maradiva villas resort & Spa, wellness fans can your massage enjoy also directly in the Raj tent directly on the beach. Since may, is the doctor naturopath Dr.

Seema Pali whale Spa Manager the resort and makes a superb retreat for discerning guests seeking also sound advice in addition to recovery the Maradiva. The French perfumer Blaise Mautin has given a fresh, classy fragrance the Maradiva, which is reflected in all of the resort amenities. For more information see. The Spa in the ethnic African ambiance of the heritage Awali and welcomes guests in a beautiful environment to 3.000 m. 20 treatment rooms offer retreat rooms, Vichy showers and massage kiosks on the beach. The new wellness package of the seven colours Spa celebrates its seventh anniversary from the 1st to the 31st of October and pampers its guests with applications such as gentle massages, beauty treatments, yoga, Thai Chi, or a special energy cuisine dinner. 2011 the seven colours spa world luxury spa Award “to the best luxury destination spa on Mauritius voted. More Information, see. The new body & soul program at Royal Palm in Mauritius Beachcomber hotel offers guests an interesting fitness, Spa and nutrition program. The package includes a culinary week plan that is matched with a detailed meeting with the chef, as well as a spa and fitness plan that will be discussed with the personal trainer every day. For more information see.

Canary Islands

With Dean and ECCO travel two renowned Egypt operators take the German offers in the meaning & values program, provider of fitness and health seminars in vacation strengthens position with distribution through tour operators. Two weeks lazy Beach holiday on the Beach the demand for this kind of holiday is declining, more and more holiday-makers would use the most valuable time per year for themselves, to make new experiences, to learn something, or to do something for your own health. However, come the rest of course not too short. But the range of fitness and meditation seminars are almost unmanageable. Ideal for travellers so when it can be booked with the tour operator directly as a complete package. Health and mental coach Barbara Luigs addresses this demand. Their holiday seminars in Egypt, which contains other Nordic walking in the desert, meditations, personal coaching and mental training, bookings are now two renowned tour operators.

The seminar provider is very pleased about the new partnerships: Through the cooperation with the tour operators customers can only book flight, accommodation and the seminars now as a complete package. Of course, we also hope to further stimulate demand after Egypt. “With the program parts of Nordic walking in the desert ‘ or mental training on the Red Sea ‘ you can learn more about this wonderful country by a whole new page.” The new broadcasters include: Dean dive and travel of the special operators for trips increasingly apart from classical Tauchangeboten on interesting additional offerings that enrich the diving experience or as an extension offer and non-diving companions can be booked. ECCO Reisen ECCO travel offers focuses on various trips to Egypt, including Nile cruise, tours, golf and wellness. More bad goals such as Cyprus and the Canary Islands supplement the program. ECCO offers trips are also available in the travel office. author: Judith Hoppe

Unstoppable Trend

More and more holiday-makers try to make your holiday active and athletic activity holidays, adventure travel, adventure trips and tours in the countries of the Balkans. Learn more about this with Poppy Liu. So many of them choose from the front purely for an active vacation, a journey or even an adventure trip not only during the winter holidays, but also during the summer vacation. Such destinations such as Austria and Switzerland for the active traveler are very well known and now very popular. When it comes so new, exploring exciting destinations on your next holiday, confront many tourists inevitably wonder what interesting tourist destinations there are still in the vicinity? A country that would be not so far away would be nice, for example, and still largely unknown would be – a kind of insider’s tip. There are still countries in Europe? Balkans-adventure – a travel agencies from Hamburg answers this question with a clear ‘yes’ and informs Active visitors on its Web site about travel destinations, Uraub and travel in the Balkans. “Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina – countries with a southern European charm, countries and people, which guarantees an active holiday will make unforgettable!”, as the Managing Director of Balkan adventure Dipl.

economist Slavica Herdt. In fact, countries such as Croatia and Greece are already known as top destinations with package tourists, Montenegro followed these Balkan countries in 2012 in the top 10 list of the most popular destinations for German package tourists. What many tourists but still do not know is that the offer Balkan countries excellent conditions and infrastructure for active holidays and adventure travel. That these are not empty words, the Hamburg-based tour operator Balkan adventure proves. On its Web site, Balkan adventure presents the most beautiful regions of various Balkan countries and active vacationers informed numerous multi-active travel deals for active holidays, adventure travel and adventure travel in the Balkans. Active holidaymakers expect more from your holiday and are looking for After an interesting adventure travel or adventure travel. You are looking for a trip, at which they would make your holiday just active and meet new interesting people after a trip which would a challenge for them and an enrichment of their personality could be at the same time, strengthen their character and broaden their horizons.

The Balkan countries that seem to offer. With its largely untouched nature they are remote from the European tourism electricity what makes them so interesting for active holidays and adventure travel. The Balkan-Beat has already conquered the musical heart of the European capitals, it is only a matter of time that the active vacationers and adventurers discover the Balkan Pearl for himself and close in their hearts. Balkans-adventure – tour operator for holidays, adventure travel, sports tours, adventure trips and Rundresen in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and other Balkan countries.

Ideal Spa Guests

BAA hotel can enjoy all our guests a nice stay. BAA hotel provides its guests a pleasant stay and participation in many common applications. In this way, not only the recovery is guaranteed, but there is also the possibility to make themselves more health. Who wants to make prior to the holiday, takes many interesting details of the Kurhaus and the surrounding area on. A stay at Hotel Baginski is recommended also for wellness and those who want to lose weight for example.

This is difficult to implement such vacation but much easier in everyday life. There, meet other like-minded holidaymakers and can implement their goals with the support of the experts. Hotel BAA has a good kitchen and can food place together so that the calorie number is as low as possible, which are nevertheless tasty dishes and fed up with make. For those who have a few choices in everyday life, a stay at Hotel Baginski is therefore ideal to deal with healthy eating. You can intensively deal with various sports at this time or are looking for alternatives, because even without sports it is possible to remove the healthy. What we however cannot do without, is movement.

In Poland we can offer guests many beautiful hiking trails and many vacationers have discovered her passion for hiking on this occasion. Who lives in the city, must not renounce after this beautiful hobby. There are hiking opportunities anywhere in the outdoor areas and who once came to the taste, also quickly find ways with which the hiking will be continue at the weekend. Hiking is possible at any age and ensures an increased Kalorienverbraucht, so it is very successful in losing weight and maintaining fitness. A healthy weight loss, as it is possible in the hotel BAA should be step by step. The guests should in the first week lose no more than two kg, but then stick to their program. Setbacks are absorbed by the employees, because simply belong to lose weight. By the staff of the hotel, guests will be but even then not alone. Include encouragement for them and even though once someone does not want the employees understand it, to convey the joy of exercise.

Cruises In Croatia

Croatia has become quintessential in a tourist destination dream and other inspiring for all those wishing to embark on a vacation that will be unforgettable. Adriatic Sea, especially has the advantage that perhaps many other cruise ships do not have, and is the possibility to visit different islands every day during the route. When you decide to take any of the different types of cruises or travel offerings Gulet, you’ll see that in a very short time, you will discover the magnificence and beauty of the coast of Croatia, incredible beauty of these have no comparison or that has nothing to envy to the beautiful shores of the Caribbean. In either cruise ships or routes Gulet you choose, you will have the refreshing opportunity to enjoy the possibility to immerse yourself fully in the pure blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. You can explore the stunning bays, walk on the beaches of white sand either, visit the port cities of the different cities that you’ll visit on your tour. There is nothing better than the nocturnal strolls by the ancient and historical cities or you enjoy the classic and traditional Croatian meals and if you are of those who love seafood or seafood, you can enjoy the most delicious and fresh dishes. Cruises in Croatia, they offer a really unique opportunity that will allow you to enjoy combining the wonderful travel aboard a schooner touring the unequalled beauties of the Adriatic Sea and the Croatian coast. With renting rent Gulet in Croatia, you will have the chance to visit each and every one of the picturesque and historic towns, rich in history, charm and that even today, currently conserved intact their traditions and historical relics in its buildings, in its narrow alleys..

North Germany Experience

The summer racing season is approaching the end once again informed Mommeyer bus travelling from Hanover and Reislustige pulls it one last time on a relaxing trip. The Hanoverian Mommeyer bus trips travel experts invite to experience the Eastern Northern Germany before retardant autumn weather puts an end to the travel time. The season end journey spread over three days and leads the city of in Lower Saxony, in the scenic and culturally impressive the region Rostock Hannover. Already on the first day of travel, a full program awaits the guests. In the morning they drive land, a natural, located in the glacial Valley of the river Elbe landscape of Hanover with a comfortable long-distance travel bus on the southern edge of the Luneburg Heath up to Griese. The itinerary continues to Rostock, the largest city in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

In a professionally guided city tour, the passengers get to know traditional Hanseatic City. To the present create since 1419 Hanseatic brick Gothic, the impressive Marienkirche and the existing University a glimpse of the influence and Rostock power plenty in the past. Bonnie Kathleen Gilliland shines more light on the discussion. The Hanseatic City of Rostock is still a vibrant city, which connects North – and East Germany as important Baltic Sea port. On the next day’s journey to the German amber Museum in Ribnitz. The gold of the sea”among the most sought after treasures the region for millennia. During their visit, the travel guests will learn everything there is to know about amber. A guided tour through the contrasting relaxing affiliated, characterized by white sand beaches, thatched cottages and sea bays, regional Baltic Sea landscape.

The trip represents the culmination of experience with a Mississippi steamer on the Darss Zingst lagoon chain. The evening music and dance community contributes to a successful conclusion of the day. The third and final day of the tour starts with a visit by Germany’s biggest farmer’s market. Affiliated travelers go to a ship on the Amazon of the North, the Wakenitz, Lubeck and enjoy this a virtually untouched natural river landscape. Finally they travel from Rothenhusen again by long-distance bus to Hanover. The North German Baltic Sea region is rich in natural beauty and historical tradition. Trippers see Mommeyer bus travel a for decades experienced tour operators, which will take you to the most beautiful places of the region.