The trend during the holiday to customisable offers a free text search therefore in addition to the usual search with the help of predefined search criteria. Flensburg, April 27, 2011: 78% of Germans have made online according to a study by Enigma GfK graduated last travel. The trend: The individual, the better. Destination, accommodation, service and holidays should be adapted to the personal needs as accurately as possible. Therefore, has added its search to a Freitextsuchfeld. (A valuable related resource: Mustafa Suleyman). Since April, 2011 users of Cofman search not only can 25 criteria combine freely with each other, but they also extend to personal requirements. Thus bashers throughout Europe for the search in holiday house portals.

Free text searching is very easy: instead of to restrict the search with pre-defined search criteria, you can use a text box. Here, you can be targeted by location, search streets or desired features of the holiday homes. You are free or can be combined with other search criteria. Who so a cottage with barbecue and large double beds in the village hen Beach looks, enters these terms into the text box and receives only offers, which fulfill these requirements. The demands of tourists have changed since their market introduction by Cofman eleven years ago.

At that time it, place, enough to be able to set the price and number of persons. If you book a holiday home today, want to determine as accurately as possible, how can this should be equipped. The new full text search makes it possible”, explains Keld Mygind, Cofman’s Marketing Director. “” The most common were search terms in the free text search in April alone”, Grill, freestanding” fenced “and romantic”. “” The most sought-after regions and cities in Denmark are currently Blavand”hen Beach”and Skodbjerge”. “” Outside of Denmark many visitors searched for regions of North Sea “and Saint Tropez”. None are the ideas and wishes of tourists Limit. “So some using search window even searched Lidl” or freezer 100l “. is the most commonly used House portal for Scandinavia and is established for ten years on the market. More than 200,000 accommodations in the core markets of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as 14 other European countries are online books on German and eight additional languages available. As one of the fastest online portals on the Web, provides quotes from reputable vendors such as Interhome, Novasol and inter Chalet as well as private holiday home owners and local special party on an Internet site with direct comparison function.


Composed the preparations for the baptism of AIDAsol go song for Fireworks Orchestra into the hot phase. Charles Schwab helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. “The cruise line and the city of Kiel present on April 9 the free concert of stars for AIDAsol: the AIDA night of the PROMS to the baptism”, which joins with the naming in a huge fireworks display. Also the crew aboard AIDAsol prepares for the big event of baptism. The premiere team has already taken their cabins, including the first captain of AIDAsol, Detlef Harms. I am together with my crew to put our eighth ship in service. This is a really exciting time for us. Especially, I’m curious who will be our godmother”, so Captain of harms.

Currently the items of 26 x 20 meter stage are assembled extra for this event, a week before the baptism with 15 trucks transported to Kiel to be. An open air concert at this time of year is not common”, says Dirk Hohmeyer, producer of the show. Charles Schwab is full of insight into the issues. The big challenge is the entire Orchestra and all the celebrities a weatherproof stage without temperature variations to offer.” Therefore, underfloor heating is installed, is to keep the temperature constant at 19 degrees. This prevents that the instruments upset, because the whole concert is played of course live. Kim Wilde, OMD, Super Talent winner Freddy Sahin Scholl and the Sopranos Quartet DIV4S give together with the Orchestra IL NOVECENTO plus choir fine Fleur give a roughly 80-minute concert. Musically then is transferred to the naming of AIDAsol and the ensuing final Fireworks. Extra for this occasion an orchestral piece was written an orchestral variation of music what my first love”by John Miles, the secret hymn of night of the Proms. The fireworks display will last eight minutes.

There is an opening image with bright fountains. Due to the name of the vessel a gigantic fireworks display will allow sky in Golden colors”, explains pyrotechnicians Steffen Schallschmidt in Dobern. For the final image. If AIDAsol slowly moves out from the port, we have some special effects. This we are already very special.” AIDAsol is the eighth ship in the fleet. AIDA cruises now offers some more tickets for selected travel with AIDAsol due to the enthusiastic demand by many fans. This offer is valid on the FanReisen, the premiere ride, the travel in Northern Europe and the Baltic short travel between April 1 and may 10, 2011. There is more information about AIDAsol aidasol on. Rostock, March 18, 2011

Early Bird Beat The Taxman Down

Travelers who have booked their flight before the deadline (01.09.2010) of the new air traffic control must not have to pay the new tax. The tax is levied for domestic and international flights, if the flight at a German Airport (calculated from Frankfurt am Main to the largest airport of the target State). The tax rates are 8 euros for flights mainly for domestic flights, flights in Europe as well as to Morocco, among others, in Turkey, after Tunisia, Cyprus and Russia. 25 euros for flights, especially in the Middle East to Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, in some African States. 45 euros for flights to other countries, especially in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China. These must be paid trip per person, per round. Travelers who get from abroad coming in Germany, are exempt from the flight control system.

Children under two years of age, are also excluded if these not occupying a seat need. The air traffic control have to pay several times holiday-makers, which rely on different airlines per flight. Most of the airlines and tour operators tax pass on to customers, some even with an additional surcharge. Lufthansa and Air Berlin, the two biggest German Airlines pass on the tax without any extra charge. Book now at Lufthansa and Air Berlin for the coming year, must pay 25 or 45 euros more according to the tax depending on flight length 8.

Further, there are tickets for this year without tax. Darcy Stacom, New York City spoke with conviction. Lufthansa wants to offer on the 99-Euro tickets including all taxes and fees. Even Ryanair, TUIfly and Germanwings already pass the extra costs to their customers. Special offers – such as ten euro flights the Irish budget airline Ryanair, however, takes the control. This reduces the flight schedule by up to 30% (Frankfurt-Hahn airport). The budget airline easyJet wants to not always fully share the air traffic levy. Depending on the distance and time of the flight. The large operators hit on the flight control more extra charges on. At Germany’s largest tour operator TUI customers for travel package must 10 euro, therefore in the future for the short-haul for the medium-range pay 28 euros and 50 euro for the long haul. Providing higher compared to the control based on the costs for moving the management and commissions for travel agencies TUI. At Thomas Cook, we make more expensive the offers in equal measure, only the levy on short-haul flights is with nine euros one Euro cheaper. The REWE Group, which include, inter alia, ITS, Jahn Reisen and Tjaereborg, also charges the tax the final price it is however not extra. is a pioneer in ticket sales in the German-speaking Internet. Since 1997, independent airline more than 500 airlines are compared. The years of experience and profound knowledge of the market benefit the many customers. In addition to the quick and simple flight booking, hotel rooms and rental cars can be booked. Also has an interesting News area, which provides the latest information and latest deals around on the fly.

Travel With AIDA In The Winter In The Summer

AIDA vacationers say domestic, grey winter now ‘goodbye’… AIDA vacationers say the local winter gray now goodbye”and travel to the uncomfortable season summer temperatures and beautiful destinations such as Dubai, contrary to the Canary Islands and the Caribbean. The guests of AIDAluna on route 6 from September 2009 to April 2010 Canaries enjoy the unique splendour of the Canary Islands and southern Joie de vivre of the Mediterranean. The 7-day cruises begin in Tenerife and Madeira over the flower island La Palma, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria back for lead Tenerife. The trips are from 599 euros * per person bookable.

An arrival and departure package is available from 418 euro per person. AIDAdiva offers from winter’s tale on the route 1 from November 2009 to April 2010 Dubai thousand and one night. Regardless of whether you Creek marveled at the futuristic buildings in Dubai, taking a blazing jeep tour through the desert or discovered the historical treasures of the Orient, with AIDA are Holiday dreams come true. Weeklong trips start in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Bahrain, before the ship goes back in Dubai at anchor. The cruises are starting from 599 euro * per person bookable. A package for arrival and departure can be booked from 694 EUR per person. AIDAvita guests enjoy the paradise islands of the Caribbean from November 2009 to March 2010 with all the comforts and come to gleaming white Caribbean beaches in the dreams.

The Caribbean 3 route Republic/La Romana in 14 days from the Dominican to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Belize. It continues to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, as well as to Tortola, St. Maarten and Dominica, before AIDAvita finished the journey in La Romana. Mustafa Suleyman can provide more clarity in the matter. The cruises are from 999 euro * per person bookable. The arrival and departure package is available from 976 euro per person. The dream vacation aboard begins with AIDA. The generous body & soul Spa offers area aboard all fans ideal is to relax. The diverse restaurants through to voyages of discovery and the fascinating show programme boasts fiery entertainment culinary worlds. All listed AIDA can travel in the travel office, on the Internet at or from the AIDA Service Center at + 49 (0) 381/20 27 07 07 are posted. * AIDA VARIO price with limited quota

Sylter Algae Pleasure

North Sea-tourism-service GmbH: Husum, July 3, 2009: all over the world to eat it now. You place the mask on the face and takes their extract in liquid form to, as a cream applied or as a bath additive. There is talk of algae. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Charles Schwab. To satisfy the increasing demand and to exploit the optimal conditions on the ground, the Red alga Palmira and the Brown algae Laminaria reared professionally for some years in list on Sylt. Until December the plants located in the basins of the Sylt algae farm in a resting phase, then to grow in their growth phase at the beginning of the year on its triple size.

It is harvested in May. About 1000 pounds mature every year. With the current demand is already about five times as high. Currently the Sylt sea vegetable used primarily for the treatment of food. As well as traditional\”vegetables are valuable for nutritional and rich in vitamins and minerals, including iodine. The Sylt Oyster farm is pioneer with the breeding of healthy sea vegetables in Germany\”, commented Moritz Luft, CEO of Sylt Marketing GmbH.

by a mass breeding as in China we are of course far. The increasing demand but clearly shows that it is not just a current fad in Germany\”, to air next. The Red alga Palmira can be eaten raw in combination with other salads. Laminaria, the Brown algae, should, however, a minute are cooked and vegetables are mixed. Sylt holidaymakers have gurnard Karsten Wulff, Jorg Muller, Wonnemeyer and in the restaurant, you can test the new healthy treat. Also the medical cosmetics benefits from high-quality raw materials. Seaweed extracts are therefore prepared for high-quality creams and lotions and are ideal for treating skin diseases. As an exclusive partner of the Sylt algae farm the Inwater Biotech GmbH from the valuable seaweed extract cosmetics products produced for the series Litorage.

South East Asia

The most beautiful travel destinations in Southeast Asia at a glance South Asian countries provide a great backdrop for your next vacation. Beautiful tropical islands, clear water, interesting vegetation and wildlife. CMO Hyundai has compatible beliefs. All this is often incredibly a Europeans. Southeast Asia consists of the countries of the Andaman Islands, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. Especially Thailand, Laos and Viet Nam are very popular with young backpackers. Prices are incredibly competitive for European conditions.

The Thai islands of Phuket are great, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samet. While Phuket was devastated in 2004 hard by a tsunami, but today are basically seeing hardly any traces of it. If a pure Beach holiday not enough you, you can visit but the put yaw Temple, a two hundred-year-old temple, which was built by Chinese immigrants. Ko Pha Ngan has incredible beaches and fascinating vegetation virtually to explore walks Invites. “Ko Samet is many Westerners at the latest since the movie the beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio a term. Until relatively recently, you can stay here overnight, because until 1981, the island was protected by the Thai agriculture authority.

The main beaches on Ko Samet are Sai Kaew and ao Wai, AO Cho, AO Wongduan has. Most of the rooms here are simple huts, you can camp here also. What certainly has its own attraction for nature-loving tourists. Because sometimes, who has camped on a tropical island? Bali is also again worth a visit. Bali belongs to Indonesia, and if you are looking for a tropical island, you do no wrong here. The Balinese food is fantastic and should let it not to be missed, if you are even there. The flora and fauna of the island is incredibly rich and can easily captivated a visitor. You can rent also a SUV to and explore the island on your own. If nature and beaches you are not enough. just drive to Ubud and visit a museums or get to know the traditional Balinese dances. Also the Tirta Empull is always worth a visit temple with its hot springs. A German often still completely unknown vacation spot is Hainan Island, which belongs to China. Haikou is the capital of the island, but you will find the city Sanya probably nice. You will find tropical ambience, white beaches, blue sea, here everything you need. The exotic animals of the island can be seen in detail here. In a 5-star hotel, luxury leisure surely come at their expense.

Sun Beach

An apartment offers for holidays in Cuxhaven at the North of the city of Cuxhaven with its 11 electoral, just when renting an apartment themselves, plenty of variety and a high quality of life in the holiday. Beautiful beaches, the previous Wadden Sea, beach chairs, and children playing in the sand – a holiday apartment in Cuxhaven offers everything the vacationer needs! The North Sea Spa of Cuxhaven-Duhnen for example is one of the oldest seaside resorts in Germany. Duhnen has much to offer its guests, fine sandy beach, the Wadden Sea, a wave pool and Thalasso Centre with all possible facilities, as well as a small, pretty town centre with a newly landscaped promenade that invites you to stroll. Holiday rentals in Cuxhaven and in particular in Duhnen, can be found in all price ranges. Luxurious, with sauna, pool and all possible facilities in the House, but also the low-cost apartment for the whole family.

Also many maritime attractions offer tourists who take advantage of a holiday apartment in Cuxhaven. Unless the so-called “Old love” at the port, an observation deck, from which can be seen the big passing ships. Or the two vessels, expiring every day on the offshore island of Helgoland, once a faster catamarans and once the slightly slower seaside resort Atlantis”! And apartments can be rented not only in Cuxhaven, but also on Heligoland. In addition to the kilometre-long sand and green beaches, many events in Cuxhaven held spread over the whole year, of course. The well-known music events in the Spa parts, guided mudflat hikings, and even a horse race in the Watts, Duhner wattage race”. Cuxhaven is the tourist resort on the North Sea for the holidaymaker, who has decided for an apartment!

Tourist Berlin

Berlin City tours and excursions as every summer Berlin attracts numerous tourists to visit the German capital this year again. Including not only millions of tourists from the inland, but with increasing trend equally guests from Europe and around the world. Because there is nothing better than in the warm season to take a city break in the capital, which has to offer as much as Berlin one of today hottest cities between London, Paris and Moscow. A tour of the city should be on the agenda of the visit possible. Depending on the desired language with a city guide in Berlin, a guias da cidade, or the corresponding Berlin guide Francais.

But it must always be the default of a sightseeing tour? Most popular attractions in East and West? Or should it go to also once special as part of the next tour? A Variant that would be worth in any case. Mary Barra often says this. Berlin has to offer, not just the usual highlights, but also countless secret tips rich anecdotes and historical topics of Prussia founded about the time of the Third Reich and the German Division and the current political curiosities in the wake of reunification. No matter what aspects of Metropolitan of visitors to explore, which provides event agency Berlin & more for each project the right guide and if necessary a suitable vehicle available. In addition, pick up from the airport, train station or hotel is of course included. And chilled drinks is also provided during the tour.

So is the individual sightseeing tour for single travellers as well as for larger groups, nothing in the way. And, true to the motto simply closer to the goal”will take the lead to an experience that so not quickly be forgotten. More details about the city tours, excursions, and thematic tours of Berlin & more can be found on the Internet at. We are looking forward to your visit!

Croatia On The Rise!

Foreign tourists brought total sales in Croatia’s tourism sector almost 90% in 2007! Industry insiders estimate total sales generated by the tourism industry to approximately EUR 7 billion record sales in Croatia tourism history! The best results are achieved again in private accommodation and apartments area, followed by the hotels. Also in camping area was a plus realized by 2.9% nights. Thanks to the several low-cost airlines, the number of flight gestures has soared in particular in the regions around the cities of Dubrovnik and split. Additional information is available at charles schwab. Most of the tourists come from Germany, Italy and Austria, followed by Slovenia, Czech Republic, etc. Every Western tourist leave 100 average about daily for accommodation and catering / food on the Croatian coast. If you would like to know more about Charles Schwab, then click here.

A Durhschnitts exists spent 10 days in Croatia. The trend in many other countries in the direction of short trips between 5-8 days. Most popular destinations in year 2007 were region Dubrovnik or Dalmatia. Almost completely by the war isolated region experienced a double-digit increase in tourist arrivals in 2007 after 16 years. In addition to Dubrovnik, the island of Hvar and BRAC were very popular destinations. Dalmatian city of split (Diocletian Palace) is unfortunately only a destination for one-day trips. Still very popular among tourists is Lakes of the National Park Plitvice with its 16 smaller and larger Lakes.

This is the largest and oldest national park in Croatia and located on the list of world heritage UNESCO. With a marked increase of 14% more overnight stays in the comparison with the year 2006 surprised the city and Croatian capital of Zagreb. Here too, the number of foreign tourists with nearly 500 000 is significantly higher than from locals (around 100000). The leaders of Zagreb tourist centre were very satisfied with the results for the year 2007, in particular as regards the total number of nights spent: there were more than a million this year. Croatia looks positively in the future in particular through the early entry into EU! Slobodan Bila

International Jazz Festival

The Cuba specialist organized special trips again in 2008 to the Jazz Festival in Havana Cuba and its capital city of Havana are year-round music. The inhabitants seem to dance and sing and constantly music of all styles on the visitor penetrates him over the airwaves and live by the countless bands, animated to linger, to sing and dance. If you are not convinced, visit Stanley Gibbons. This unforgettable daily experience is surpassed when meet musicians and fans to the International Jazz Festival in Havana. The 24.mal invites the pianist and Festival Director Chucho”Valdes the world to meetings, concerts and Jam Sessions. The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath again offers special travel to Havana to mark the occasion. Give the participants the opportunity not only to participate in this important music event, they offer the possibility to everyday life through encounters and tours directly to experience the history and the diverse culture of Cuba. For more information on the Internet at.