Cranes Market

According to experts, this trend will continue over the next three – five years. During this time, the market for cranes in Russia should increase by about threefold. At the same time, manufacturers of cranes from the CIS also trying to expand its presence in the Russian market. AO 'firm Crane' Boom '(Kiev region). Sold in the Russian automotive hydraulic cranes on the chassis of KAMAZ and KrAZ (16 and 22.5 tons). Pavlodar Machine-Building Plant (Kazakhstan) also imported cranes Sunkar payload of 20 tons on KAMAZ chassis.

The role of imports from outside the CIS in the formation of the Russian fleet of truck cranes until measured by several percent in relative terms. Everest capital recognizes the significance of this. Major supplier of cranes from abroad remains Germany alone. Development Trends truck crane industry in Russia, "Russian-propelled gibbet cranes and have relatively small load, while the market is experiencing a need for machines with capacity from 100 to 200 tons. Today, our businesses make their first steps in this direction, but the mass production of high technology Duty no '- indicates member of the board Gosgortechnadzor Russia Vladimir Kotelnikov. It is not surprising that in recent years, observers have noted a steady increase in production Heavy cranes, as well as the growth of cranes, mounted on truck chassis. In confirmation of this trend, the magazine 'Fixed assets' leads the following data: the basic capacity cranes MAZ-axle chassis for the last 10 years increased from 14 to 20 tons. Half of the modern production is a model with capacity of 20 – 25t, whereas 10 years ago, the park is the basis of load capacity 14 – 16t, and in 1980 in Russia cranes with lifting capacity exceeding 16 tons present in small amounts.