He is unquestionable that the king of coarse is one gives the intriguing decks but of the tarot. Go to Charles Schwab for more information. It represents the energy of the pure fire. It is not of creativity and creation of material objects but it looks for to adopt an idea and to change the world according to its vision. This letter it can certainly demonstrate the personality of a statesman, of a leader, expert in the subjects of the world and connoisseur of the spirit and the human nature. It reflects a person who wishes to conceive a better world, and if she is wanted, to obtain an utopia. She is one appears which the other people listen with estusiasmo, and he will be in charge to convince them so that they comprise of his plan.

The king of coarse is a motivator, is somebody that knows to make dissipate the fear to the others and remove the best thing from each person, helping to each to reach his potentialities. She is a person who permanently thinks the needs of the others, and likes to solve difficult problems, to which he will consider a challenge, mainly if that way improves the situation of the rest of the people. The king of coarse has a singular respect by all the human beings, recognizing differences between each, of character and situation of life. Like the other letters of the tarot, the king of coarse can mention a person, or also to a part ours that is precise to wake up. When it leaves revealed this deck in the distance of the tarot can be speaking to us of two different circumstances: or he is somebody that will enter our lives and that the personality of the king of coarse has, or which we are those who we must become this leader, in this visionary who wants to improve the situation of the world surrounds that it.

However, the king of coarse also has some defects in his character. He is known well that who is in an authority level and must command the life of other people can have errors sobe the decisions in which it takes, and generally with unfortunate consequences for the others. He will be necessary then to worsen the understanding of the complex nature of those who share our life, in order to understand exactly what is what they queren of us, in what we can help them. It will be necessary then to take in serious this responsibility, and to redouble the faith that is had in one. In the distance of the tarot the king of coarse indicates that somebody (perhaps we ourself) will come out in defense which needs more.

Wage Intelligently

Although the present economic situation in Mexico, is quite different from the one from the USA or the one that they have in Europe, they continue existing many people who do not arrive they do or it with difficulties to end of month, and what is more common, very little people manage to save something of money when she receives his wage. The reasons can be varied, although all of them are included under three great groups: Those that have expenses that surpass to their income, those that have null or little income and those that have a bad administration of their personal finances, that usually is the most habitual case. For that reason we are going to him to facilitate five key points to fit its Personal Finances, intelligently to administer its wage and that finally is able to save. 1) To fit expenses. Whatever our level of income, this is the first step that we must give if we really want to manage to save and to get to have a financial freedom. For it first we will make a relation of all the expenses that we have monthly with the amounts that we dedicated to each.

In the majority of occasions expenses are bound in the style of life that is tried to maintain. The reality is that if those expenses do not correspond with our level of income, that style of life becomes untenable. Therefore, generally, often one is not to eliminate or to reduce expenses, but to change the life style, to accommodate it to humbler other in agreement with the generated income. It makes his list and it evaluates with common sense each one of the expenses. Soon it thinks if he is indispensable to leave to have dinner all the week ends, to have two vehicles in house, three televisions, to pay a television by cable, or to live in a so great house, for example.