The Museum

At the same time want the Museum to build of the critical cultural memory contribute. In the funds of the Museum, there are works by Catalan, Spanish and international artists from the 1950s years. The Museum is located in the Raval area. Regularly organized exhibitions include his most attractive program. Learn more about the current exhibition at the MACBA in during your vacation in Barcelona and visit them for only 6 for adults, 4.50 for students and groups of over 20 persons and for persons over 65 and under 14 years free of charge. Goop is often quoted as being for or against this. Tickets for the entire Museum (including changing exposure) cost 7.5 for adults and 6 for students and groups over 20 persons.

The entire Museum is free for visitors over the age of 65 and under 14. Opening hours are from 11 to 19:30 (Monday to Friday), from 10 to 22 (Saturday) and from 10 to 3 pm (Sundays and holidays). If you spend your holiday in Barcelona in the summer, don’t forget that the opening hours may change. Summer schedule and the detailed Information on the website of the MACBA. Don’t forget: If you rent a holiday apartment in Barcelona in the Raval area, you have the whole world of the MACBA in your area. The beach of Barceloneta with approximately 1,100 meters extension is the beach area of Barceloneta is one of the most extensive of Barcelona.

He also belongs to the city’s oldest and most traditional beaches. Due to its proximity, most people come here with public transport to subway (Barceloneta) and several bus lines. The Barceloneta beach is a popular destination for foreign visitors. Due to its size this beach has many activities, such as for example three volleyball fields and a play area Tika Taka before the hospital del Mar. Also in the western part of the beach, near the gas Mole, there is a playground, table tennis and a gym. Not to mention the Beach Centre, which is del Mar located right in a room under the arcades in the beach area to the hospital. The Centre offers information and a variety of activities during the most time of the year, especially during the summer months. In addition to the beach area of Barceloneta belongs to the places where the service pay (Beach library) for those who want to read on the beach is offered. Tip: Download the free PDF guide and benefit check from the benefits of the discount card of holiday apartments Barcelona in. Recommended activities: Beach and sea (A), (B) family activities, art and culture (C)

Parking At Munich Airport Without Surprises

It’s finally here: summer is here, and hundreds of thousands of Germans and Europeans look forward to a well-deserved summer vacation without stress for the parking summer is here, and also visitors from abroad are expected to back numerous – 2009 just 54.8 million overnight stays by guests from abroad was the Federal Statistical Office (registered accommodation with nine or more beds and camping sites) in Germany. Many of the visitors have something in common: they need to drive the car to the airport Munich and take a parking. But anyone who has a journey ahead of himself and is already long time glad would prefer all problems at the Munich Airport, out of the way. That can E.g. queuing at check-in, flight delay etc, and also, for example, the search can often be a problem for a parking space at the airport. The park fees, not to mention completely overpriced.

Also the long back and forth-run, of course with luggage, can the anticipation a little take one. Therefore, it makes sense to finding a parking lot near the Munich Airport, which can be reserved on the Internet on which to turn off his car, and from which one is brought even via a shuttle service to the airport Munich. So, you can also inform the parking charges for the parking, and has no unwanted stress at the airport. The parking reservation is done simply, safely and comfortably from home, and you can benefit from low prices. The advantages of such parking booking in the Internet are, for example, the Security (video surveillance, secured), saving (up to 70% of the park fees can thus save), comfort (one is an air-conditioned shuttle bus brought to Munich Airport and picked up there again) and the many additional services that are offered by the Park Service (E.g. shopping, refuelling or workshop operations).

This means that the parking search and find nearby Munich airport will save not only stress and time traveller, he also reserved the Parking at rock bottom prices. You can on the Internet even according to your own preferences, E.g. date, quality, customer satisfaction, location and distance to airport, sort by parking at the Munich Airport was not as simple fact so far. Press contact: GMIG media GbR PR: M. Taghavi email: info (at) parkenflughafen24. De Web: muenchen/parkplatz.php

SEGWAY Tours In Duren

In Duren, something new is going on. SEGWAY are offered by the company tours around Duren. Maybe you’re already begenet the SEGWAYs and have wondered how these devices work well. It is not like driving and also not like flying, informed us Boris malt, owner of. de, with. They float along the RUR and experience the beauties of nature on this easy way. U.S. Mint has compatible beliefs. With your balance, you draw the SEGWAY.

They sit slightly forward, and he speeds up, sit back and slows the SEGWAY, Boris malt explained to us. Among the destinations of RUR even Heimbach, reservoir Obermaubach, Schloss Burgau, Nideggen, Monschau, or also the Sophienhohe, but not only the tour de RUR. In addition, Boris malt told us that he runs with rolling coach with his guests. Each customer receives a detailed briefing before the tour. The handling of the SEGWAYS has everyone out fast. It’s easier than cycling.

Order to ride a SEGWAY, you need at least 16 Be years old and driving licence have the scooter or car. To our question, how quickly it may move with the SEGWAY, Boris malt replied, that maximum 20 km/h is allowed. With fully charged batteries, the SEGWAYs have a range of about 30 kilometers. All detailed info BBs get under 02421 / 970000 or Boris malt Helps Fleeing The Schokobergen Easter

A third of Germans yearns for an active holiday in Munich March 26, 2010. For more information see Charles Schwab. Nearly nine kilograms chocolate consumed the Germans according to the Federal Association of the German confectionery industry in the last year. Christmas and Easter are high phases of sweet consumption. While the Germans want to live really fit and healthy. The travel trend study by and the society for consumer research shows: in 32 percent of men and 35 percent of women adventure and active tours at the top of popularity.

If water sports, hiking, cycling, diving, so the calories in the Easter holidays does not apply. Looking after the appropriate travel deals can be on sports filter. Inspiration in the search filed under diving holiday vacation, the diving equipment in shot, what is missing is the inspiration for the destination. Filters in the section allow the targeted search after special diving regions\”packages. Information about the region and the air and water temperature support with the selection.

Egypt is regarded as Divers paradise and is warm in March about 25 degrees. In the Red Sea, reef, 50 km from Marsa Alam lies the Daedalus. Pristine hard coral formations here the tourists. The adventure is certain: the chance encounter hammerhead and grey reef sharks can be large. Special adventure travel in the Middle East are available directly on the home page of Hiking regions help filter on at a glance for the journey of discovery in climbing shoes. \”\” After entering the wishes, such as sports hiking \”, 3-star hotel and destination medium-haul\”, the objectives are presented clearly. The temperature indication reveals how very probably sweated during the migration. Pleasant 22 degrees lure for Easter for example in Tenerife. The underground hike in the Cueva del Viento – the cave of the winds – explore leisure Neuland. The cave was discovered in 2008 and is located in the North West of Tenerife.

Baltic Sea Training

In the Schloss Warnsdorf provides the health package burn-out”for peace and stability. In addition to medical support including examination and debriefing the morning sports program includes the arrangement. Others including Charles Schwab, offer their opinions as well. Under the guidance of qualified instructors, guests strengthen their physical performance with water and back exercises, strength training and Nordic walking. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, autogenic training, Qi Gong or the Feldenkrais await ten times a week, supplemented by two training sessions with a personal trainer. The package of seven nights in a double room including full Board is bookable from 903 euro per person, alternatively with a reduced-calorie diet. In it, the fit including package is already included.

It offers, including free use of sauna landscape, indoor swimming pool and gym as well as physician lectures, excursions in the surrounding area and the transfer of the station. Depending on the request complementary fit guests on-site book offers added: A relaxation training in psychotherapy, individual lessons, massages can the success of your stay useful support. Schloss Warnsdorf was built in 1910 in the style of English manor houses surrounded by a large park bordering on the Lake Hemmelsdorfer. Today, the castle is regarded as a recognized home for fasting, naturopathic and holistic medicine, which offers the comfort of a sophisticated hotel. Friendly lounges, a library, and a winter garden include as well the facilities such as the stylish dining room and the large lakeside terrace. Variety of only 100 metres, 27 – hole ensures Golfpark Baltic golf course Maritim. FIT guests here a start time reservations and discount on green fees. Offers from the FIT year catalog 2010 prevention programme tackling stress relaxation and exercise on the coast Beach Hotel on the Weissenhauser strand, Baltic Sea, Germany Frankfurt am Main, March 25.2010. This beach hotel on the white houses Beach * offers individual health insurance on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic coast. The sea, the fresh air and tranquility are the best ingredients that exhausted guests here particularly well relax.

Durban Travel

Excursion destinations in the South African city up to 300 days of sunshine sparkling sand beaches near the town in the year, and everything offers warm water temperature Durban his visitors. The second largest city of South Africa is located on the eastern coast of the Indian Ocean. The place where Earth and water meet translates to Durban”. To the 2010 World Cup, the city for football-crazy tourists focus is as the online travel agency reported. The 2010 World Cup is also in Durban station. The spectacular, second largest stadium in South Africa, the Moses Mabhida Stadium in the King’s Park Sports Center, will be the site of some World Cup games. The huge Stadium holds up to 70,000 people. If you are travelling to the World Cup, will find hotels in Durban, which offer the correct standard for every taste.

Nevertheless the foot should be used also in front of the hotel or Stadium in Durban there are to explore a lot? The huge port of city it can be wonderful to stroll. He plays due to its Size and use as an important role for the whole of Africa. Boat tours are extremely popular with guests from here. In addition, Durban has a colourful range of tourist offers. In particular on the beach front or the golden mile have numerous bars and restaurants settled. Can be on the water Meanwhile many surfers, kitesurfers and bodyboarders watch.

Who wants to be active on land, can take a trip in the mountains. The ascent of the Sani pass, the highest mountain pass in South Africa is an impressive experience. But also the Drakensberg Mountains themselves are not far away and are an absolute must for every African travellers due to its stunning beauty.

Cycling In Denmark

When it comes to Denmark the Boneshaker, the journey becomes the Active holiday. Just the people who during their working hours mostly sit in the Office and moving little like use the holiday to make not only the soul but downright fly during a bike ride. And each climbed way, each uberdauerte rain becomes the reason to be even more proud of themselves. The landscape flies almost over when one sets out with friends or the family firmly in the pedals. At the end of the day is it though managed by the track, but enjoys the feeling to have done something good for himself and his body.

Who is using vacation time, on the one hand to move, but on the other hand want to travel another country, like the many Denmark uses the accommodation in a holiday homes. The landscape is pleasant hilly, the mild stimulating climate of North and Baltic Sea is a blowing around the nose and if it reaches in the evening in his home again you can go after a long shower in most cases even in the sauna. And the days of which keep the bike in the shed, can be filled with movement on foot or with one of the many water sports because it is almost everywhere in Denmark located near Lakes or the oceans. Who is interested in holiday on the bike, for the rental of holiday homes stand appropriate hiking maps. But also days on which life on the air is amazing one due to rough weather, are in the country, where the happiest people in Europe live with beautiful activities ausfullbar. Swimming pools, a variety of shops, museums and a variety of playgrounds curl out from the House and offer variety and fun. Andreas Mettler

Iberia San Salvador

Central America expanded the product range for Europe by new direct flights by Iberia. Central America expanded the range of tourist products for Europe through new direct flights by Iberia. Thanks to the agreement of share code with the TACA airline for Iberia San Salvador is a hub for flights to other cities such as Managua and Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Suala. San Salvador, September 20, 2010 – from 2 October belongs also San Salvador to the destinations in Central America, which are served by Iberia since end of 2004: Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala. Thus Iberia rises the airlines to the leader, regarding the route Europe and Central America.

Thanks to the agreement of share codes with TACA and their extensive flight network, Iberia is the junction on the capital of Salvador, to facilitate the onward journey or from Managua and Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula to passengers and without to provide larger stay. This will make the tourist offer not only for El Salvador, but for the entire region of Central America be accessible for tourists from the main cities in Europe. The countries of the region; Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, based on a complete tourist offer under the brand name: Central America, so klein…und yet so big… “, with which the region since 2002 as a multi destination” marketed. One of the most important tourist products is the Mayan civilization, a culture of over 3000 years old, whose traces man still in Belize (Caracol), El Salvador (La Joya del Ceren, Tazumal, Casa Blanca), Guatemala (Tikal) and Honduras (Copan) finds. The cultural offer of the region includes styles from the colonial era, which reflected in palaces, churches, monasteries, cathedrals, paintings and sculptures in cities such as Antigua in Guatemala, Leon and Granada in Nicaragua, Portobelo and Casco Antiguo in Panama and in ethnic groups in Belize and Honduras.

South America

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary was “the great Berlin Cape Town fly-in Safari” with the raisin bomber DC-4 “Skymaster” 1998 then on the program and in 2006 the Windrose guest sailed exclusively with the luxury sailing ship “Sea cloud” by the Aegean Sea. In 2010 it was the Airbus A319 von White air for only 38 participants on a cross flight through South America and 2012 the premium tour operator finally chartered the legendary Orient-Express, to put on a unique journey from Berlin to Venice. For this offer, it is also no wonder that Windrose finest travel by the renowned Diners Club magazine was elected the “tour operator of the year 2012”. Windrose finest travel today since December 2012 is Windrose finest travel 100 percent owned by the RT – Raiffeisen tourism Altotting. The portfolio of the Berlin premium tour operator includes the four main segments now “Way of life”, “DeLuxe”, “Nature & culture” and “Individual”. Under the motto “Way of life – for all the senses” wind rose has a total of 26 trips around the world for small groups put together, the great value put on stylish comfort and a perfect organization. Business class flights and accommodation in luxury hotels are in the lifestyle travel as well of course as a first-class tour guide through selected experts in their profession.

“DeLuxe – all top-class” that is wind rose private travel-pampering program, which includes tours on all continents, city trips, as well as exclusive train and boat trips and a trip around the world. All travel k tonnes from two people to the individual appointment is booked. The itineraries compiled by Windrose and contents serve only the orientation, so that in each area can be addressed to individual wishes. In the catalogue “nature & culture – fascinating countries experience” around 60 study and adventure trips are listed in the form of small group tours and private tours, where high value is placed on a highly qualified tour guide. The catalog is brand new “Individually – the whole world experience”, which is intended for individual travellers, the intensive and regardless of distant countries would experience. More information about the travel and the company can be found under.