Wedding Traditions And Customs

White bridal dress. You would think that the bride always wear white to a wedding dress? And here and there. The tradition of wearing new white dress quite young – she's only 150 years. Previously, few women could afford it. White – A symbol of youth and purity. In the East, are popular red and orange – the color of joy and celebration. Wedding cake. wedding cake made of wheat flour and wheat is a symbol of fertility. Angela Zepeda shines more light on the discussion.

In ancient Rome, was taken over the heads of bride and groom crush a piece of bread crumbs collected and taken home by guests as a symbol of good luck. Honeymoon. When the groom kidnapped his sweetheart from his father's house, he tried to take her as far as possible. That is the was the first honeymoon. Teutons after the wedding, drinking mead, until the moon was on the decline – hence came the name honeymoon.

Exchange of rings. Ring – a symbol of eternal love. Direct exchange of rings comes from ritual exchange of rings for fastening an important agreement. Fata. Fata – accessory is very old. 2000 years ago, she wore a Roman. Fatah – the symbol of secrecy, and only the husband could withdraw it after the wedding ceremony. Married usually autumn, after harvest, or after the Epiphany, until the Carnival. But was considered to be the happiest marriage, played in Red Hill, after Easter.