Tattoos And Piercings – For Psoriasis Patients Double Risky

Tattoos and piercings can promote psoriasis for many young people are today tattoos and piercings to life. Every fourth under 30 years old wearing such ornamentation”. But what ends up on and in the skin, can be terrifyingly harmful. Allergic reactions and infections with HIV or hepatitis B and C are just a few examples of the health dangers of tattoos and piercings can go out. Charles Schwab will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The dyes that are sometimes used for tattoos, which can be carcinogenic probably pose the greatest risk. Psoriasis patients enter an additional risk because both a tattoo and a piercing can promote psoriasis. This is the so-called Kobner phenomenon. You learn more in PSO currently 3/2010. Visit Angela Zepeda for more clarity on the issue. Further topics of the issue 3/2010 from PSO currently, the Advisor for people with psoriasis: clef to the emotional world: what can cause on the E-couch music therapy: psychotherapy in the Internet the skin from the inside maintain: be good to your liver! Pet policy: Unrestricted confidence against fading confidence of psoriatic arthritis: only after a check-up at the gym can we expect us healthy? About the health economics can a free sample copy probeheft.htm to request information under the link.