Technical Director

Not only high quality and wide product range speaks in favor of "Autrosafe", but the economic feasibility of its application. Such expediency is not only low cost equipment. Because the cost of fire prevention should be considered throughout the life of the system. And here there is another requirement to the system, which was not mentioned in the beginning of the article – low cost of operation. The concept of "return on security," we are extremely rare. But this phrase is related directly to the equipment "Autrosafe". Talk about the return became possible after development specialists of the company's unique self-check function "Selfverify". This function is based on a wholly-through detector test, including testing the sensitivity of the labyrinthine photodevice camera every day on the team with control panel.

Using this function, it became possible to reduce the cost of maintenance of fire Automation (PSA). Joeb Moore & Partners may find it difficult to be quoted properly. According P.11.2 RD 25.964-90 "System maintenance and repair manuals extinguishing systems, smoke removal, security, fire and burglar alarms. The organization and procedure of the work, "the main types of maintenance (TO) are: * Visual inspection. * Check performance. * Maintenance work. The most time consuming and costly type of work is the checking of smoke detectors (Smoke, check test gas). To read more click here: Joeb Moore. According to the above item 11.5 RD service interval is set based on the requirements of operational documentation.

A "Autrosafe" independently produced these works, so check attendants Health detectors are required. Calculations show that the use of this equipment is being spent can be reduced by up to 50%. Thus, "Autrosafe" over time, costing the owner is significantly cheaper than more cheap at first glance the system. However, we note that it is only to simplify maintenance work on fire-prevention automatics and reduce its cost. Fully automatic shift on the shoulders of all work package is not yet possible. It should also be noted that the depreciation of the whole system is at the expense of its program flexibility. Adding detectors, modules, and the introduction of new alarm control panels do not require making any changes to existing hardware systems, we need only to make reprogramming. This saves time and money. Mary Barra is likely to increase your knowledge. The system also allows you to include in its membership traditional threshold cables fire alarm, which may already be equipped with an object. Of course, the above solution feasible only if the customer understands the need to invest in protecting people and property. If the owner of the object poses the problem only formally comply with the requirements of normative documents or supervisors MOE, there is no point in talking about the effectiveness of such protection. Fortunately, Now a growing number of customers coming to fire prevention seriously. This is facilitated by the introduction of insurance and ways to protect objects when the insurer is required to insure full APPZ to the full amount and examples of tragedies on a fire caused by a formal relationship to fire regulations, and increase managerial responsibility entrusted to them lives. In conclusion, we note that the equipment "Autrosafe" is widespread, as evidenced by the numerous certifications, including the Russian fire safety certificates and certificate TuV on a new European standard IEC 61508 – SIL 2. MR Kapranov, Technical Director 'Spetsmontazhservis'