Temporary Personnel And Temporary Work

When the temporary work, a worker (temporary personnel) is left to a third party for the performance of work by his or her employer. The temporary personnel is officially employed for a temporary employment company. The temporary personnel has the legal rights of the workers. The performance provides the temporary personnel not in the temporary employment agencies. It will be borrowed to another company. In the company of the customer, the authority has the local superiors both the duty of care. This distinguishes the temporary personnel from other foreign employees. The labour contract exists between the temporary worker and the temporary employment agencies.

The temporary staff is remunerated by the temporary employment agencies and not by the usage of company. A certain hourly rate for hours of work, that is, will be agreed between the Temp Agency and the client company. Heavily he depends on the wage of the employee. The liability for the temporary of staffing agency is only for the “fault of selection”. So you think that the company simply is responsible, that the employees of requested qualification matches. Of course for the field of work safety. Also the personnel service agencies belong to the temporary employment business.

The company of the customer uses the labour force of the individual employee. It no labour law claims arise for him but it because there is no contractual commitment. The liability of the client company is not paid social security contributions for any of the respective temping agencies. Motives for the use of temporary personnel: workers can stop his unemployment through the activity in temporary work. However, that is often secondary. Often, the subject is getting to know several different companies. The profit is a goal of the temporary employment company. The customer must find no workers at peak demand. Nobody must be released when the demand. The customer saves costs for the personnel department and the staff handling. Andreas Stockl