The Credit Crunch Has Impact On Personal Loans?

The crisis in the United States affects the award of a personal loan in Germany? Currently move the messages to the credit crisis in the United States. But long is affected, not only the United States by the crisis but also the rest of the world. Share prices slumped in the shortest time on the financial market and hence the Hauptindizies to pull down. Write-downs in the billions to reduce the balance of the money houses and the one or the other company had to file for bankruptcy even. In Germany, the IKB is certainly the best-known example from the credit crisis. The IKB is a Bank, which is to award credit to medium-sized companies. But apparently the business with medium-sized companies was not lucrative enough so that the Bank has been involved in the American real estate market.

The result is truly impressive, because within a short time the IKB has verspekuliert their total assets. Only through a high-billion cash injection by the KfW bank prevented a major financial crisis. One would have to imagine only misfortune What would happen if several medium-sized companies would get no more loans. The payment delay billions of dollars would be inevitable. But the credit crunch has impact on the German market of credit now? To answer this question you certainly can with a clear no”. The credit crisis originated in the United States only from mangeldener liquidity of individuals. There, credit in five-figure sums of money were given to people who could afford just the basic needs.

Then, the crisis has occurred as more people no longer could pay back the loan as calculated by the banks. But that is just the point that will not happen in Germany, because German banks attach great importance on protections for a loan. Who in this country no larger hedges has, needs to imagine no big chances on a loan. Who receives no credit through the normal banks has the opportunity to consult, which “provide a loan without Schufa banks. This is a loan with a lower amount of credit will be given to persons with a negative Schufa. But even when such loans should be not be put off. It is, although without Schufa, but each lending runs over the Schufa and if someone is grossly over-indebted, will once again get no credit. A negation of the Bank is used to hedge and on the other hand, the further indebtedness should be avoided so. In the conclusion it may be said, that has not changed despite the global credit crisis the German credit market with the award. German banks were and are always still very picky when assigning a credit. Who may have not enough liquidity or hedges, to imagine any chances for a lending needs.