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Containers of cottage cheese, ice cream, milk, butter or whipped cream are not airtight and do not maintain the quality of the food, unless they are with a bag or plastic wrap. Wrap the meat and the fresh chicken that come wrapped with a specifically crafted plastic supermarket to freeze. Label containers with the name and date. How to accommodate the food in the freezer to cool food and syrup before bottling. Immediately freeze foods packaged at – 18 C degrees or less. Do not overload with food, not frozen freezer.

Insert only the quantities that will be frozen within 24 hours usually 1 to 1.5 kg of food per square decimetre of freezer space. Put the rest of the packages in the refrigerator until you can put them in the freezer. If you overfill the freezer, freezing will be slower, what It will cause the food to lose quality. To accelerate the freezing place near packages of plates or rings of freezing leaving space between the packages so air can circulate freely. Once the food is completely frozen, accommodate them in such a way to consume foods that take longer frozen first. Frozen food storage time undergo slow changes while they are stored and not maintaining their quality indefinitely.

While frozen food maintains its quality depends on: proper handling before freezing the used gasket storage temperature, and the type of stored food. Thaw foods properly, preferably in the refrigerator and consume immediately after being thawed. As the bacteria don’t die when frozen, are reactivated as soon as food to defrost. If frozen food is not consumed as soon as it defrosts, the nutritional value of the food is lost and you can throw to lose or contaminate.