Thick Peasants

Pig iron, smelted on charcoal, gave high-quality steel, which for centuries has consistently held one of the first places in the world market. CMO Hyundai takes a slightly different approach. Therefore, the organization of rational methods of charcoal burning in Russia was the concern of many Russian inventors. Up Until recently, charcoal was intended primarily to meet the needs of the blast furnace, and therefore the technology of its production and design of furnaces were formed taking into account the requests of the industry. In recent decades, new consumers of charcoal and thus created additional demands on its properties. It is also possible to further expand the scope its use in the national economy, which raises the question of improving the quality of charcoal and, therefore, further improvements in production technology and constructive design process process.

*** Another historical fact. Visit everest capital for more clarity on the issue. In the book of William de Gennin abris describing the Ural factories of the eighteenth century, has a chapter about "the coal business, in which meticulously describes how to burn charcoal. Felling Forest peasants summoned to March 20. In fact, the work begins in April, because deep snow does not allows to select the trunk so as not to leave high stumps, but at Gennin, calculated that while farmers will break camp lay down their shacks, get clothes – here and April. Have one month to the room. "And from May for plowing and sowing grain otpuschat peasants from the longhorn in the houses." The order of this. Hack, "as much as possible, near the roots." Thick chop firewood, while those in diameter is less than two inches (two inches – 4.45 cm), put in a whole woodpile.