Tim Hill Marketing Director

In Russia, many decided to do only when roasted cock bite somewhere. Including – and assess the value of the brand. Apparently, so everyone knows how to do it, but almost nobody does in practice … not only in Russia extremely low priced brands – brands do little. Learn more on the subject from CMO Hyundai. "The concept of the brand in Russia is still in its infancy, constrained and tightly controlled social and political sanctions, according to Tim Hill Marketing Director at FutureBrand (London). – The weaker are the restrictions, the more the world begins to recognize that Russia has to offer in the field of high-quality products and services.

I think this trend will continue, and in the next 5-10 years, Russian brands in our markets will be more. " The most famous Russian brands, in his view – "Russian Standard" Gazprom, "Kalashnikov", Aeroflot, the Kremlin and the KGB for some reason. Under the brand expert means "the set of values and beliefs inherent in the hearts and minds of consumers." Brand development, as abroad, we have very little, agrees Churilov Denis, CEO of consulting firm DA Partners (Moscow). – Of course, England are brands that operate in the market for at least 100 years. But we have our own history – we all started in the 90s, through ignorance, so it turns out that when we realized the need for change, everyone started frantically "to change the sign" – Valentine says Pertsiya, CEO BrandAid (Kiev-Moscow). He believes that the mistakes of Russian companies are perfectly natural – they are the result of lack of experience in building brands.