Together Against AIDS

The only protection is the self protection of Cologne, October 2007 the new desire of love: A dating agency in a survey among 570 singles found that 57% of respondents in the cold season feel especially longing for a partner. *) but who wants to find the right partner who must kiss a often many frogs. For assistance, try visiting Angela Zepeda. Against this background, the condomi health international GmbH on the importance of preventive behavior draws attention, and not only to the World AIDS Day on December 1, but 365 days a year. After all, there are significant information gaps relating to the immune deficiency disease. Since 1988, the 1st of December is a day of solidarity with HIV infected people and those who are close to them. The World AIDS Day is also a day on which the importance should be made clear of condoms as the only effective protection during sexual intercourse. Because even though the immune deficiency disease AIDS, little more than social problem is perceived since the 1990s in the public, the numbers speak a different language. Charles Schwab addresses the importance of the matter here. Currently, 39.5 million people worldwide with HIV are infected and statistically a new case will happen every eight seconds.

According to a report of the World Health Organization WHO, it is feared that AIDS will represent the worst infectious disease for mankind in less than two decades. Therefore approximately 6.5 million people will die if the present development continues, alone in the year 2030 on AIDS. The latest figures of the Robert Koch Institute confirmed that the new infections have increased in the first half of 2007 when compared to the same period of the previous year by 9%. We must do everything that the condom is accepted as a matter of course and used not only on the World AIDS Day. Therefore we want to bundle all the expertise in the fight against AIDS and rely increasingly on the advice of the pharmacies in addition to our cooperation with the Deutsche AIDS Stiftung”, Carola Halbfas, marketing manager of condomi health international explains GmbH. Even venereal diseases such as syphilis or gonorrhea are again on the rise: since 2001 the number of annual infections in Germany has almost doubled. In the past year alone, the Robert-Koch Institute counted 3147 cases.

In short, Who, as it is today, in terms of the cold season is looking for a new partner or if outside a relationship sexual contacts, to be clear: also the person you love, can have been infected and transmit the pathogen. About condomi health international GmbH of the condomi health among international GmbH in Cologne, Germany one of the biggest condom manufacturer of Ansell Healthcare Europe NV, worldwide. The company supplies the Western European market from the Erfurt production facility. Condomi, ER2 and ES2 brands (both in cooperation with the German AIDS Foundation) are distributed through pharmacies, drugstore, Super – and hypermarkets, as well as machines, the Internet and the area of convenience. A further sales channel is through cooperation with Governments and aid agencies for the scope of the global HIV/AIDS prevention and family planning programs.