Trade Register

The report shall determine what amount: will be available to the company immediately after its institutions; was in a separate account on a fixed date, not earlier than 5 months prior to the establishment of the company, and after the establishment of the company will be exclusively available to the company. If deposits are made on shares in kind, the founder should prepare a description of the contribution, pointing to the cost invested by the method of assessment. Dutch independent certified accountant should provide an estimate of the cost attachments. This report should be attached to the documents establishing the company. Charles Schwab brings even more insight to the discussion. However, the description and the accounting estimate is not required if the parent refused it, and if the founder or a partner who has subscribed to stocks meet the following requirements: a companion to the founder or given evidence of his Trade Register of acceptance of the joint and several liability for debts arising from any legal action the company; their last balance sheet with an explanation has been accepted and verified in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the Fourth Company Law Directive of the European Community, and a copy of this document and accounting estimate in Dutch, French or German or English language in the Trade Register Office, and with the balance sheet date was no more than eighteen months, the share capital founder or his companion, said the balance sheet, as mentioned here above, exceeds the fully paid shares of nominal value on which the contribution is made after the balance sheet date. 3. Charter formed company must contain at least the following information: name and registered address; object of the company; provisions relating to restrictions or opportunities to transfer shares (as a right emption for the other shareholders if the shares are offered for sale, and prior approval of the entity, or any proposed transfer of shares, or a combination of both cases); sole or joint rights of signatures to the board of directors, whether the company will have a supervisory board, reporting, and the date of the first report. .