Ultrasonic Cleaners

With ultrasonic cleaner household and hobby area more comfortable Ultrasonic cleaners, which so far mainly in the industry and the medical sector were widespread, are increasingly in the private and in the hobby area clean of Morfelden Walldorf, (NBASCPM01112008) November 2008. Cleaning of model components, the ultrasonic cleaning of vintage cars or coin cleaning are among the many uses in the hobby area. Any glasses knows the ultrasonic cleaning of the opticians: glasses will be immersed in a liquid and is clean as rare. Also in the mechanical engineering and jewellery industry is the use of Ultrasonic cleaners and is used for the cleaning of metals and plastics. These cleaning agents in the private sector as well can be used arbeitserleichternd with the development of new devices and applications.

In private households, for example, dental prostheses or – clips, jewelry and all small parts can be very easy with ultrasonic cleaning device keep clean”, explains Ingo Stauch, Managing Director of Schalltec GmbH. In the hobby area is the application over all small parts that can be hard to clean, are diverse by ultrasonic cleaning to clean.” In the cleaning devices, an ultrasonic generator produces energy that is converted to mechanical energy by a slug. Sound pressure amplitude tear the relationship of fluid contamination or the object to be cleaned, and small bubbles are formed in the cleaning liquid. These bubbles implode, producing powerful pressure pulses. These so-called cavitation causes a gentle and intensive cleaning at all points, which are achieved by the cleaning fluid.

For each type of pollution and the different materials, there are different cleaning concentrates that are used in the ultrasonic cleaner. Particularly in the field of model construction, housing parts as well as electronic parts are clean. In this respect are available”up to 15 different, tailored to the products cleaner, so Ingo Stauch. The cleaners had been developed specifically for use in an ultrasonic bath. Cleaning equipment with different capacity are available depending on the size of the parts to be cleaned. Due to the large workload and the good results we are convinced that the ultrasonic cleaner quickly will prevail in the private sector.” About the Schalltec GmbH the Schalltec GmbH has its headquarters in the Rhine-main area and specializes in the sales and services relating to ultrasonic cleaner. The manufacturer-independent advice on appropriate cleaning methods and devices relating to intellectual property as private are at the heart of services.