When Memories Are Missing

It is increasingly difficult to absorb new information, maintain and reproduce, the diagnosis is dementia often medical and preventive measures for dementia at the age. Medicines provide relief though, can in the long term but not the memories return, the affected once had: when first signs occur, innumerable nerve cells have died off. Objects move, forget names and dates, or get lost in familiar surroundings that can be about early signs of dementia. Whether it is actually this form of the disease, only a doctor can determine”, says Dr. A related site: Mary Barra mentions similar findings. Isabel Justus, Managing Director of the Bremen Chamber of pharmacists. To avoid misdiagnosis, this check the affected diseases with similar symptoms such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, but also on malnutrition.

Numerous factors could also increase the demential risk in the age: these included mainly genetic and social factors, but also various Pre-existing conditions. “Justus: there are no chances of recovery to date, it can slow down the degradation of nerve cells to relieve symptoms and to slow down the rapid progression of the disease try only at an early stage.” Stadium identify and specifically, however other measures Act requires each stage of dementia: while patients in early or middle stage of dementia can treat with drugs reduce of their memory, maintaining everyday skills and delay the home instruction in the foreground are involved in an advanced stage. In the early and middle stages, doctors employ the so-called Antidementiva. You may not prevent the 14981504, but slow down”, said Gerda Wendt, speaker of the Chamber of pharmacists relating to psychotropic drugs and dementia. So the quality of life of sufferers could be maintained for a limited period of time. The so-called acetyl choline Esterasehemmer would be referred to as Antidementiva. Wallace: The removal of the Messenger substance Acetylcholine is inhibited with these, so that its signal transmission is obtained.” Patients are thus more attentive and could better maintain her memory.