Wholesale Shop

We hope the crisis does not die:) Cherkizovsky market – 250-400 rubles. Luzhniki – 280-400 rubles. Wholesale OKEY – 280-400. As we see, 'market prices' is not very detached from the 'shop'. The cost of shipping the organization calculates a bit later, but for now proceed to the next group of products: clocks and alarm clocks.

2. Wholesale prices on wall clocks and alarm clocks as of March 2009. 'Nastenko' not divided on the quality as wallets and in size and design of the case and dial. Vozmem into account the group with an average size of the dial wall clock – 23-26cm in diameter. Marriage on the clock no more than 5-7%, which is considered acceptable. Cherkizovsky market – 160-180 rubles. (Brands: ANLIDA, MTV, VST, COSMOS) Luzhniki – 170 – 190 rubles.

(Trade Brand: ANLIDA, MTV, VST, COSMOS) Wholesale OKEY – 180-210 rubles. (Brands: ANLIDA, MTV, VST, COSMOS). Trading in March ka LA VIE – own production, the price band of this watch is different. Alarm clocks have their own criteria of value: a plastic housing or metal. Others 'freaks' like light, of music, and so forth affect the price of both first and second groups of alarms. Cherkizovsky market – 28-32 rubles. (Brands: ANLIDA, MTV, COSMOS) Luzhniki – 29-34 rubles. (Brands: ANLIDA, MTV, COSMOS) Wholesale Shop OKEY – 30-35 rubles. (Brands: ANLIDA, MTV, COSMOS). Here's a 'trading range' of the alarms and clocks. Now try to calculate the cost of acquisition, clearance and dispatch of the goods. PART 2. COST TO PURCHASE GOODS. Arrival in Moscow. Some cities have a 'well-established' bus shuttle flights. Someone needs to get in his car or a rental car, and someone gets on the train. The first pay an average of 2000 – 4000 rubles per round trip, plus a room on the bus food. The latter have their own car and come to the markets themselves.