Windows Mobile Messaging

We can not say that this is something that ideally suitable for display Diamond. Opera slows down the loading process and turning pages. Besides, it takes a lot of memory. As for the browsing experience, enough to work comfortably, if the user not confuse a common need to compress the window or scroll down. There is the possibility of opening a large number of windows, support for Javascript, HTML and a standard set of features such as cookies, history, cache, control, and full-screen mode. Email submitted to the regular program Windows Mobile Messaging (actually, the equivalent of Outlook). Also presents the possibility of sending and receiving MMS. In addition, HTC is in this handy program and RSS Hub, through which to read the news or the other information much easier.

At this smart phone can also be set such Internet-based applications, as NetFront, Opera Mini and other user-friendly. Diamond has a special supplement of YouTube, which runs the full version of YouTube site and play FLV Flash videos. The communicator is equipped with a built-in Web-browser, which greatly simplifies navigation through web pages. GPS HTC Diamond has a built-in GPS, which works with Google Maps, Windows Live Search, CoPilot 7 and other GPS-applications. It works exclusively with the software QuickGPS. Every week QuickGPS downloads satellite data from the Internet, which then uses the GPS and this smartphone. However, testing these features smatfona, it is worth noting that function is not perfect – occasionally there are problems with the connection. However, when the connection took place, work with the GPS goes smoothly.

Camera Camera HTC smartphones often considered their "weakness" however, this model does not apply to Diamond. Pictures taken with camera with autofocus on this mobile, very bright, clear and vivid. The camera can take pictures of medium and large sizes, the expansion of the 1 -, 2 – and 3-megapixel resolution. The highest increase – a 3-megapixel, it allows you to take photos of 2048 x 1536 pixels. There is a possibility of video and panoramic photography, recording, MMS video, you can create themed photo (framed). Expanding the video is presented formats CIF, small, medium and large. Results HTC Touch Diamond can only be praised for effort and ambition. Small size and elegant original design – it's just something that can attract the attention of most buyers. Price This corresponds to the smartphone feature set, which he can offer the user. Undoubtedly, the display is VGA, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4GB memory and a camera that allows you to get great shots, please many. Specifications HTC (P3700) Touch Diamond