Work-life-balance – Nil In The German IT Industry?

Work-life balance is an increasingly important criterion in the selection of a new workplace. Any student who has to enter the IT professionally, had already warned that in Germany, the work-life balance has lost much in the last few years. Jettingen, September 16, 2010. Work-life balance, again as a new anglizistischer expression that you would prefer just forget if he would play not an increasingly important role in the world of work. Until recently, work-life balance was a still quite unknown expression. Dictionaries define it as a State in which are work / life with each other in harmony, whereby a balance is inherent in the expression. Immediately your own situation in the game and thus the feeling of more or less satisfaction with the own work time is intellectually.

It was obvious by given problems necessary to create this new expression, to raise awareness for this issue. We think back to that beautiful time when moving labor was introduced. Often Stechuhren were abolished and the A quite freely definable work available time workers and still outweighed the benefits for employers. Over the years, it became ever more important to work towards compliance with completion dates and now moving labor turned out to be extraordinarily cheap. Many workers are affected by longer working hours, often up into the night, on weekends, and no time or wage compensation. The work-life balance, which is so important for the regeneration of the workforce and for the preservation of friends at work, often develops in an unbalanced relationship.

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