World Trade Organization

The SUCRE was born as part of a package of measures intended to create a common monetary zone among the involved countries legitimately aspiring to replace the dollar as referential bastion in the trade between these countries. Addition, and beyond the alternative Alba Member States, is intended to establish the Bank of the South in whose gestation would be integrated, also Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, an ambitious project of openwork extraordinary you are trying to destroy us.UU. It is also promoting the incorporation of companies grannacionales to meet the basic needs of these countries, by establishing fair trade and complementary mechanisms, which set aside the absurd logic of unbridled competition. Another outstanding aspect is the conception of the basic services of education, health, water, energy and telecommunications as undeniable assets for public use and that not private business object cannot be mercantilizados by the World Trade Organization. And, in the meantime, what we do in Spain?.

The situation, as I said at the beginning of the article is untenable: almost five million unemployed (according to Eurostat, Spain is the country with the biggest rise in unemployment across the European Union), more than half a million households in which none of its members is not working, close nearly 300,000 companies, thousands of families who they lose their housing by unable to meet the mortgage payment without thereby to pay off outstanding debt with the Bank, crazy increases in prices of electricity, water, phone, gasoline and food, almost half of our young people without work to what we expect to take to the streets and take them?, do occur or not all conditions for a revolt like that are taking place in Arab countries?. This columnist who by nature is always politically incorrect, invites a reaction, protest, revolt and rebellion of his compatriots. What do we need to react?. Does the world we leave our children?. When they deny you fair bread it is take it by your own hands, even by force if necessary. Amen original author and source of the article