Wooden Windows

Besides the traditional and continuing popularity, wooden windows have many unique qualities that, for all its modernity can not boast of plastic windows. High quality wooden windows deserved choice for many leading designers, because they understand and appreciate the beauty of natural wood and wood windows line styles such as classical interior, rural (country) style and Oriental style interior. Agree that plastic windows in the interior of minced cottage – the same inferior substitute, such as a permanent taxi compared with owning your own car (Like it is on wheels, and the image of success there). And from the windows. PVC windows are not able to fully replace the high-quality wood windows in a particular style of interior, they look ridiculous next to the solid wood walls and can not reconstruct the desired image of the structure. That's why experts in the field of design clearly separates the scope of the wooden and plastic windows. New windows have been widely used in homes and offices.

And in the design country cottages and summer love and preference for creative designers invariably given for this is the wooden boxes for their warm, natural material, highly environmental friendliness, absolute comfort and that important for good compatibility with houseplants. Modern technologies of production of wooden windows allow to make the highest quality product, on the integrity and ease of operation corresponding to the most stringent European standards. New wooden windows are made of quality raw materials and using these technologies have a long life and become a real decoration of the interior of your home. One of the main advantages of wooden windows – it's their harmonious blend with any interior and making it of elitism. Wooden euro-windows with double-glazed windows are virtually no competition in the design of most demanding and expensive interiors. Refinement of wooden windows is easy to add any curtains, these windows do not require a pretentious and unwieldy tissues, as in themselves are significant and visible element of the interior. Wooden windows do not require high quality to your special care. Paintwork perfectly preserves the integrity and color. Care includes the use of polishing and dust removal. Windows made of solid wood are the best solution for interior decoration, imparting a unique charm and warmth of your home.

Veneer Material

Due to the seasonality of harvesting is necessary to create serious saw logs and veneer inventories of raw materials for wood processing enterprises. But the stockpiling of raw materials not only leads to the freezing working capital, but also for the inevitable decline in the quality of raw materials and even its loss. And it ultimately leads to higher prices for the cost of production. Reasons for which the decline in the quality raw materials as follows: End of the crack; Fungal and mold damage; Defeats nasekomymi. drevesinyPri natural drying of wood drying in the drying chamber outer surface of the timber quickly dries up, while the inner remains moist, while dried (outer) part of the wood shrinks. Accordingly, in the dried part of the stresses cause the cracks. Cracks in its turn contribute to the smooth penetration of fungal spores deep into the wood. The most intensive moisture evaporates from the end surface of the logs, which explains the formation of cracks in this area.

Defeats mushrooms and plesenyuDrevesina is a breeding ground for various fungi. For their development requires the optimal temperature and moisture content. The optimum temperature for most species of fungi is blue 26-27 C. The most favorable moisture for the development of fungi 35-80%. wood in most cases it has high water absorption rate, "Some types of mushrooms stimulate the development of strong blue wood-destroying fungi. The development of wood-destroying fungi occurs at a temperature from 2 to 35 C, humidity of 20% wood.

The Arctic, The New Hot Zone Sports

The greenhouse effect accelerates the melting of glaciers, exposing the sea, which introduces two new possibilities of economic exploitation that seduce five bordering countries. The first is the presumption that the Arctic is hosting the 25% of the reserves yet untapped gas and oil in the world. Some analysts argue that this statement made by U.S. geologists in 2000 is closer to a guess that a study based on scientific evidence, as the complexity of ice exploration that presents this difficult area of research, especially in the months of winter when the sun never rising above the Arctic Circle. a However, soaring global oil prices have encouraged the fever to find and exploit the potential sites in this region of 1.2 million square kilometers, although not part of the sovereignty of any nation. economic to the second reading of this environmental disaster, caused in large part by the action of man, is opening new trade routes that were previously closed by ice. a Predictably, disputes erupted among the five countries claiming sovereignty. In 1982, the UN approved the treaty on the Law of the Sea, which is that if a country demonstrates that its continental shelf extends beyond 200 miles can claim sovereignty. United States never signed the treaty, however, after the Ilulissat meeting pledged to sign it. Why a Washington changed his mind 26 years later? Melting Arctic allows you to search a "and claim if necessary – if the Alaskan seabed extends beyond 200 miles to the north pole.

Senior Associate

And today, "artisans" manufacture counterfeit, even for technically sophisticated products: for example, plastic windows. By buying them should be approached thoughtfully and knowledgeably. Is to be feared-by-night companies. They work in semi-artisan conditions, with serious violations of technology. For example, cutting and drilling of the profile are not carried out on high-precision machine tools, and using circular saws and hand drills.

Raises serious doubts and origin used in the production of materials. Clients usually insist that you only use high quality pvc profiles and accessories of any brand-name. In fact, window designs are made of materials not intended for use in living rooms, and sometimes rejected. The calculation is simple: fraudsters are confident that the buyer does not determine the origin of the eye make up the finished window. Unfortunately, this indeed the case. In the resulting window assembly is deteriorating rapidly: white plastic turning yellow in winter low-quality window freezes, and after a year or two deformed frame.

But there are a number of grounds on which the consumer can determine the "origin" made for him windows. "The production of pvc window profile (frame), it applied a special protective film. As a rule, it contains the manufacturer's logo. This is the easiest way to determine the profile of a manufactured unit. Any proprietary products are properly labeled. For example, if you look at rebate Profile proplex (surface of the leaf or frame on which hardware is installed), then You can find extruded figures for the article, the production date, shift number and the production line ", – says head of department on work with clients td propleks Rafik Alekperov. Often, the dominance of counterfeit forcing manufacturers to warn consumers directly from defective purchases. Known precedent in 2004 when the German company Honeywell delivered a letter of information about the fakes have flooded the market filters water with the trademark of Honeywell. Counterfeit products sold much cheaper than the original and stated as "Chinese Honeywell. In a letter to the company recommended that customers rely on this feature of these filters, as a four-digit mark blue. When choosing sanitary specialists are also advised to pay attention to the markings do not become the owner of a fake: for example, ball valves, the Italian firm Bugatti. A characteristic feature of genuine goods – tangible weight because they use forged brass. Although the craftsmen get the hand "catch up" and the weight of fakes, putting them over time, the rusting steel bearings. Thus, vigilance – best means of protection against counterfeiting. Should peruse the resources available in advance and call for help authoritative experts, than to analyze a heap of problems and try to find the truth. Without much, however, hopes for success. "If a question arises about the quality of materials and the prospect of litigation with the seller of goods or the executor of works, the consumer should apply to the establishment of an expert for an opinion on As the goods or works. And then with the conclusions of experts to go to court ", – says Oleg Zaitsev, Senior Associate gc Krikunov and partners." "In a case the court is guided guests as mandatory standards, which must comply with all construction companies – says Alina Domkina, a member of the Inter-Regional Bar Association in Moscow. – And if the independent review showed that the defect (or deficiency) arose from the breach appropriate norm, then the case is solved in favor of the consumer. " Press office PROPLEKS

Recreational Vehicles

Metal is, in principle, an electronic apparatus that is needed to find the location of metallic items buried at a depth of pond or sand. There are also metal detectors that find the presence of metal in clothing or in luggage, these metal detectors are mainly used customs officials and walk-through. Metal can not be associated with the household appliance is not rare, because that's not all metal detectors used in ordinary city. In general, metal detectors are used in narrow areas of humanity. But the number of people willing to buy a metal detector is very large. Typically metal detectors are lovers of outdoor activity that thirst diversify leisure – play archaeologists, or, if lucky, find a treasure of gold coins.

What would you not give reasons, once you've set up to buy a metal detector, a purchase not much wrong. Buy Metal for not professional, and for special applications can be both a specialty store or online. Price varies by metal detectors in a very decent range and is dependent on both Typically the characteristics of the metal detector. Only a wide range of brands available will enable you to buy a metal detector that more will come to you depending on cost and performance. Choose Metal easiest, with an idea for what, exactly, the objectives you want to make the obtaining. Most people tend to use a metal detector to locate mineral values, the type of valuable coins. More often allow metal detectors to find lost jewelry, household metal objects, or even pieces of weapons.

Still, of course, no one loses hope of finding treasures! Metal detectors are divided into large groups, which provide primary, secondary and special level. Novice treasure hunter is best to buy a metal detector, entry-level, it is strongly simplified in administration and has affordable price. Metal detector to find entry-level need and those who have no practical methods of using such a device. Metal entry level usually are equipped with 1 or 2 administrations and single native mode. Metal detectors are the most professional level ready to make more complex the volume of jobs, but before buying a metal detector the average level, it is advisable to practice on some simple devices. Regarding the latter metal detectors, in other words, let the professional level, these models are designed for use only by professionals in the trade, they are not very common.

Classic Style In Modern Interior

Creating the interior, we strive to ensure that all the things surrounding us, pleasing to the eye and created an atmosphere of ultimate comfort. The interior is important every detail – down to hooks, towel holders and curtains, not to mention lamps and chandeliers. Moscow firm "Lamp-M, which this year celebrated its 10 anniversary, is already well known to many lovers of beautiful things. Chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, lamps, billiard, mantel clock, candlesticks, as well as various accessories made of brass, made by "Lamp-M, not only to decorate the interiors of private homes, but offices, restaurants, theaters and concert halls. Today our guest is General Director of Lamp-M Alexander Vanyushin. – Alexander, on this occasion, the editors of "Strawn" wishes you a 10-year anniversary of the firm. In connection with such an auspicious occasion it is useful to recall how all begins 10 years ago. – When the company was established, together with my partner, ij Tolmachev began to trade in building materials first, and then – lights.

But after several years of experience in the trade, it became clear that it was time to move on to production. Then we began looking for outlets to component manufacturers for our production in 1999. Acquainted with the Spanish firm – manufacturer of brass parts Base Quatro Group, which was interested in entering the Russian market. Having received from Spain, the first batch of parts, we started production of brass fixtures. The first two and a half years we have been very difficult – we have mastered all the intricacies of production, selected frames.