Cellular Companies

This I bring about the fury of the main companies of cellular. The FCC nevertheless decidio to allow only to the use of software and apparatuses of free application. This creates several questions of how Google podria to use this bandwidth to be winning. The finder in providing broadband access or telephony will focus. The access or with competitive tariffs will be free. All this enters the land of the speculation but considering the trajectory of finder one podria to wait for radical changes in the use of the phantom. 3. The Google phenomenon.

Google has been characterized in a model of announcements to make profitable and to develop the famous finder but in the network. With this mentality of free access to the information, Google provides to the user more control in the use with its applications. The majority of these applications unloads of gratuitous way. He is easy specular that the finder continues with a similar concept in the use of the wireless signal. At the moment Google develops " Android" a cellular development platform of open code that permitira the development of applications by the users.

It is also rumored that Google this developing an operating system based on Linux. Not, but so many coincidences stimulate the imaginations. An apparatus of movable telephony imagines that can to connect itself by Wi-fi to Skype, with a cover of 20 miles and one reception that penetrates well by walls of concrete. Laptop in a wireless signal with the same covering force of gratuitous way imagines to be able to connect his or of low cost. Definitively a nightmare for the Telco and a dream for the consumer. by Adam Alexander