Cardiovascular Diseases

A gesture that Bye Bye Hairs will be thankful with a safe prize for each and every one of the participants who cheer up to fight against the cardiovascular diseases – Will give of English armpit or a session fotodepilacin of (to choose respectively by each person and valued in 25 and 45 Euros) to realise in the network of centers that Bye Bye Hairs has in operation in all the Spanish geography. – In addition, between all the received messages it will organize a drawing of two complete treatments of fotodepilacin (one for man and another one for woman). Also each participant will receive automatically a message of answer in his moving body with the following text: " Thanks for your solidarity. Bye Bye Hairs gives an English session to you of or armpits. It consults your nearer center in or 902 105 339. You esperamos" Why a campaign of support to the prevention of the Cardiovascular Diseases? In the last years, the cardiovascular diseases have become the first cause of mortality in our country and anywhere in the world. According to data of the World-wide Organization of the Health (the WHO), in year 2005 17.5 million people in the world, a 30% of the total of the deaths at world-wide level passed away by this cause. The report of the National Institute of Estadstica (INE) 2008, published in the 2010, emphasizes that at the moment the deaths by cardiovascular diseases (ECV) in Spain are amounted in 122.000 lives to the year. In addition, esteem that, due to the aging of the population, every year increases a 1.5% number of cases by coronary cardiopathy that they will be hospitalized in Spain. " The best way to fight the cardiovascular diseases is the prevention through control of the factors of cardiovascular risk (obesity, tobacco addiction, hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol) whose fundamental pillar is to maintain habits of healthful life, a message that the Spanish Foundation of the Heart transfers to all the population through diverse activities and campaigns of awareness, with the purpose of to obtain to a reduction of the cardiovascular disease in ours pas" , it adds to Doctor Leandro Place.