Today no one doubts the potential offered by internet for Commerce on the net. However, there are many doubts and ignorance about how to start with an online project, so here are a list of the main points and advice when embarking on e-commerce: 1) analyze the market: from the analysis of the market and competition is basic before launching a business online. It is important to be clear about what our goals, what you want to achieve. It is important to find a niche market or offer a competitive advantage over the competition, something that differentiates us and add us value. (2) Choose the appropriate platform: there are many providers that offer us global solutions to start selling online in the market. We must compare features and prices and choose the solution that best fits our needs.

If we want to launch an e-commerce, it is important to take into account key aspects such as: amount of offered products, coins available languages, methods of payment and shipping, etc. You may find Angela Zepeda to be a useful source of information. (3) Create online store: Once chosen the platform to create our online shop, we can begin to shape and customize it according to our identity and the message we want to convey. We can customize it with our logo and corporate colors for our customers to become familiar with our values and our brand. The majority of e-commerce providers offer us default graphic templates that adapt to different sectors and that are easy to manage and customize. (4) Promote: once we have our list online shop, it is essential to promote our online business. We cannot not remain only with the creation of the shop, we should make it known among our public purpose and promote it on the network. There are various promotional techniques: from advertising on means of payment offline and online, to announcements of payment in search engines, organic positioning, affiliate programs and more. We can also count on some marketing agency that undertakes to publicize our shop in a professional manner. (5) Measure and optimize: once we start to sell our products online, it is very important to know the profile of our customers, creating detailed reports about the State’s goals and conversions that have been achieved, generating and optimizing our marketing campaigns and advertising, analyzing the behavior of users on the basis of such campaigns and more. Measuring is the basis to improve and optimize our strategies.