Constitution Years

The society collectively tend to happen the same. There has always been a tendency to denial to see the reality of the societies in which we live, and among other forms can be seen when considering those who have employment or economic difficulties, not due to a defect in the Constitution of our societies, but by the lack of effort by themselves. Society is well, if we are workers and good employees that go looking for new business, because you don’t want to work, is a common thought, and is often frowned upon, even by his own family. And so, we enter into the trap of the forty years, trying to be worthy of achieving acceptance of our environment, prevent social condemnation. We finished school, or sometimes before, and even if we think of studying something, look for a job.

And now, we are good, We are workers, all speak well of us. And regardless of which this degree of development we have been able to access, we continue with this premise in head life, linking be good worker to be decent. Thus descends this line of thought, coming from the managerial classes of society, in which pretend other realities, either attempts to own enterprises, individual business, personal investments with the aim of achieving a better quality of life is, but reprehensible, at least something that no should be encouraged. Because we must be over 40 years doing the same thing? Because we can not work more intelligently and not more daily time? Because we cannot learn to generate enough money to be able to enjoy our free time early? Stay in this trap of forty years, labor grateful to have work and dignity between 25 and 65 years, has been the fate of the vast majority of the members of any society since always. Limited number of members of the society, has escaped to This destination, only a few, through a stroke of luck or by having the character necessary to try other ventures without caring the social condemnation or by having, somehow formed a character more Bohemian that led them to become artists, or other different activity.