Europe Summit

He finished the Summit. the agreements are expected to try to sweep the serious problem of global financial crisis under the rug. however, the damage is done, unemployment has become in many countries, even developed ones, a great catastrophe, in which each day increase in the number of unemployed in the United States primarily responsible for the problem as well as in Spain, Italy, let alone in third world countries. A “milestone” in which the world has responded with an unprecedented level of comprehensive and coordinated measures. With these words has described the U.S. president, Barack Obama, the outcome of the G-20 summit in London, but with a warning: “is not enough.” added in this way, Obama has sought to contrast two conflicting feelings in her first major international summit important in office: on the one hand, the fact of having reached a unanimous result in a new way of seeing diplomacy by their country. For another, the fact that his commitment to a global stimulus plan has been postponed the refusal of continental Europe.

“This type of coordination is really historic, 10, 20, 30 years to imagine all these leaders, former deadly rivals, trading as smooth way to improve the global economy would have been crazy,” he considered Obama, he is “proud “the final outcome of the summit. According to Obama, “we have taken bold measures to support developing countries, including the tripling of the lending mechanism Monetary Fund” to increase purchasing power and expanding markets in each country. ” It has also secured, “we rejected the protectionism which could exacerbate the crisis.