Instructors Certificates

These are some of the benefits of the transcendental meditation: It creates a sensation of deep relaxation in all the body, that remains with you during many hours. It slows down the aging. It eliminates emotional blocks, old traumas and creates deep emotional changes at an extremely deep level. It eliminates stress and the anxiety. It increases his creativity. If the transcendental meditation, that it gives all to these benefits and the Binaural Technology has demonstrated that to create the same internal state, then it is logical that this one must be extremely beneficial. The true one to be able of the binaural technology behind the recordings is that they can be used to induce a meditation state and thus to create these changes without the smaller effort.

You only need to use a set of earpieces and to leave sound technology it makes the rest. It only needs the discipline to listen to the recordings every day! The market of binaural blow is filling with the manufacturer that offers some great titles. Also it is possible to create yours with suitable software. Unfortunately, is here the danger! It is necessary a deep knowledge of the landlords of cerebral waves and its effect on the mind and the body in order to create the correct frequencies. There are several publications, nevertheless the illegal use of the technologies of binaural blow has created negative effects, and even the results detrimental for some people.

Therefore, it is imperative to look for professional that they know what they are doing and they are properly qualified. In our case our technology is certified by Instructors Certificates in Neuro-Linguistic programming and is trained in Ericksoniana Hypnosis. It has studied contemporary psychology, the physics of the quantum mechanics, the evolution of the systems nonlinear and the effects of an ample range of technologies of neuro-on the change of human behavior, evolution and treatment.