Makeup For Brown Eyes

Thanks to the eye makeup we can highlight and give prominence to the look. It is very important to keep in mind the color of the eyes to choose makeup that most favors. When making a brown eye makeup, must be taken into account that it is a color of eyes that supports any shade of shadow. From neutral colors (grey, black and white) up to the cool colors (green, blue, purple, etc.) through warm colors (Orange, Brown, etc.), all favor. But it is true that some colors favor more than others. To highlight dark eyes, the ideal colors are the range of Greens and Browns, especially the chocolate brown, along with gold and copper tones. It is very important to follow a few steps to make-up the eyes and make the most of the look.

When you perform a makeup for brown eyes, the first thing you need to do is thoroughly prepare the eyelids by applying a shadow base cream in tone skin to unify and harmonize. The next step is to blur a shadow vanilla matte on the eyelid with a thickness of hair brush natural, especially marking the area below the eyebrow. Then there to blur the medium in the eyelid shade, gently marking the bone of the eye. When choosing this shadow, we will consider that green and brown tones are the most favor and highlighted the iris dark. The next step in the brown eye makeup is to draw the outline. This step is very important because dark eyes need to define very well to provide strength to the look.

To achieve this effect, we will use a dark or black pencil to draw a line of tabs and lower and then will review the stroke with a shade of the same color and a brush beveled. Then, we apply a shadow clarita and glazing (a golden tone is ideal to highlight even more the color of your eyes) to give points of light underneath the eyebrow and the tear in the eye. The last step of makeup for brown eyes is apply double layer of black mask in the tabs to open the look and bring a touch of glamour. Remember that foot to the eye makeup is perfect, should work fine skin and conceal dark circles. He thinks that if the skin isn’t well and imperfections are visible, the makeup will not look. To complete the look, choose a blusher and lipstick tone taking into account the color of skin and hair. Original author and source of the article.