Marketing Tips

Good marketing managers in the labor market have little or even virtually absent. Rather, they are, but just good 'sold out', as an icy beer in the heat. According to renowned designer Artem Lebedev, "most of managers Marketing from birth afraid to think. " This is true not only here but also in the West. The reasons for this phenomenon has long been laid outside the scope of this review. Nevertheless, good books on marketing in Russian for many.

More just glad that some of them are not translated, and written by native authors practitioners. Because of the 'competition' among the books was not easy to choose among them most useful to include in the article. The proposed selection books on marketing will enable the marketer to quickly advance in their careers. All readers are also guaranteed a lot of fresh business ideas. The Book 'Marketing 100%. How to become a good manager of marketing 'is the most important book on how to become a good marketing manager. How to implement a proper marketing of the company, and make it 100%.

To praise this book can not – so it is useful. For beginners and even experienced marketers, it will open your eyes out 'how to become a good manager of marketing', a business owner will explain what kind of people need to look at this post. When 'the people' have left more than 40 thousand copies of the book, the author of "Marketing 100% 'Igor Mann got the deserved high status among his colleagues – marketing managers.