Memories Custom Usb As

One of the ways of promoting a company and projecting an innovative image among customers and employees, is giving practical and modern office phone accessories such as usb sticks customized with the company logo or advertising message. Customers and employees appreciate practical and useful promotional gifts. USB sticks have become the system of storage and transportation of personal data most commonly used, becoming indispensable for people who have to use the same data in different places, home, work, school, etc. Due to its high quality, USB sticks can save data permanently and re – write thousands of times. Promotional usb sticks are design solid and durable, resistant to shock, dust and scratches. Currently there are promotional usb flash drives with capacities ranging from 512 Mb up to 16 Gb, in very compact units and attractive design. The level of customization that can be performed on these products is very high. Usb sticks can be customized both internally as externally.

Externally: The cover of the usb drive can be customized with the company logo or an advertising message and you may be subject to a laynard, a cord or a keychain, to weigh it hung. It can also occur in gift boxes personalized with the customer’s corporate image. For quantities, usb sticks can be made with shapes personalized, adapted to the customer’s brand or logo. Internally: The memory of the device allows you to create a partition boot and data that cannot be deleted by the user, which can be recorded welcome messages, watermarks, websites, product catalogs, presentations, photo galleries and any other type of advertising. Packages of useful applications to users can also be recorded. Currently manufactured promotional usb flash drives integrated with other products, such as bracelets, pens, pointers, laser, etc. that make them, if possible, in products even more useful and practical for the user. It uses these original and custom, USB sticks as a promotional gift for fairs, congresses, seminars, or corporate gift. When you make a gift of these features, you not only be the recipient, but that in addition, everytime you use it, you will get a new advertising impact for your business when people see your logo printed in the. Original author and source of the article.