Memories Of Adolescents

Our sporting, musical, artistic idols do not exceed years twenties. Some, even, seem to be already back everything well early: Paris Hilton to the 29, Amy Winehouse at 26, Lady Gaga, 24 are there who gives more? Well Yes. Canadian singer Justin Bieber, new musical phenomenon of 16 years of age, is going to publish his memoirs next month of October. But does really someone has a long life after Yes to be able to tell the tale with only 16 years old? Apparently, we have both accelerated the pace of the story that time already is not measured in decades, as before, but in instant bits of information that get older events as they occur. What’s more: nor appreciate the events themselves, but by the expectation that generate. Thus, Barak Obama receives the Nobel Peace Prize not for nothing that has done but for what they might do. Before, this type of awards accounted for the culmination of the merits of a lifetime. Now, on the other hand, to the driver Fernando Alonso is given the Prince of Asturias Award at age 24, when a person still has life ahead. Charles Schwab is likely to agree. Now tell me if it is not a terrible paradox that these things happen when, thanks to the extension of life, today there are still trees characters in full lucidity creative, such as Manoel de Oliveira, Oscar Niemeyer or Jose Luis Sampedro. But clear, these constitute only the exception in a society that prejubila its members with 50 years by considering them as anachronistic and dispensable as those missing dinosaurs of prehistory. Original author and source of the article.