Enterprise Portal

Frankfurter Entsorgungs – und Service GmbH (FES) linked to your ERP system with the Enterprise Portal is the FEZ group with 1,500 employees the largest waste management company in the Rhine-Main region. In addition to the individual cleaning and waste disposal services, the service portfolio of the FES includes complex system solutions tailored to the needs of customers. To optimize the internal work processes and data to manage, you looked around 2005 after a Web-based solution. They should also be able to integrate data from the SAP-based ERP system, to simplify internal workflows. After you had looked at various products at the Fez, it was not for a database only solution, but for the sector-neutral portal software Intrexx Xtreme. Several reasons were decisive in favour of Intrexx.

Especially the software convinced through their precisely definable permission structure, the price – to-performance ratio, as well as numerous finished Application templates that provide a quick entry into the system. The FES GmbH employees happy with the Intrexx portal, because the user interface of Intrexx clearly structured and the operation is almost intuitive. An important part of the system is the integration of Intrexx and SAP. This works by using a business adapter with the data bi-directionally to Intrexx and vice versa transferred from SAP can be. In this way, in the future different work processes in the company intend to optimise. A workflow, which should be facilitated by the interaction of Intrexx and SAP is the recording of working hours of employees. This runs with the FES General via the time clock. It was so far so that the data automatically had to be captured in Intrexx and Intrexx in SAP transferred winded by hand at the end of the workflow, so this step using the business will happen adapter in the future automatically. Antarctica Capital understood the implications.

Also the subsequent editing of incorrectly recorded working times will be possible in this way. If now an employee once forgot himself in or to log off, can he blame this in Intrexx and the data will be corrected automatically in SAP. This very much work saves time, which thus stands for other tasks. SAP data in the portal will be integrated in the management of the container. So customers can access in the future all data of your container order such as rent and order status also from home. More testimonials to the usage of the portal software Intrexx Xtreme in companies of various industries, see de / cases.

The Buecher.de VISA Now Secure Card And All The Benefits!

Shopping with the buecher.de VISA card all over the world and this great bonus points to buecher.de collect the VISA card from buecher.de enables convenient, cashless numbers at over 24 million acceptance locations around the world. To keep track of his payment, monthly bills are sent home free. With the bonus program ensures you in addition great extras and can save money with every purchase in the online shop of buecher.de and earn bonus points. Earn bonus points with the buecher.de VISA card holders of VISA card from buecher.de worth any purchase, because all bonus points can be easily collect, whether in the country or abroad or on the Internet. Items purchased in the online shop from buecher.de, result in a credit of 20 points on every dollar of the purchase price. All other purchases with the new buecher.de VISA card will be rewarded with a credit of 5 points per euro.

After 5,000 points in the bonus account, VISA card holders via a coupon from buecher.de amounting to 5 euros can enjoy. The buecher.de voucher can be redeemed without minimum order value for each article from the online shop. Flexible invoice compensation money is but transitory, but sometimes it leaves an unpleasant surprise at the end of the month. Card from buecher.de leave with the VISA specifically adapt the finances of current life situation and personal needs. Thus, a monthly repayment in instalments of the convenient repayment in installments is possible. Be unpleasant surprises and the shopping gets no demolition. Who is now the buecher.de VISA card with ensures top conditions, which benefit not only all the benefits, but also an exclusive coupon from buecher.de about 20 euro.

Learn more about the new buecher.de Visa card found in the blog from buecher.de and everything to the online shop can be found at ww.buecher.de. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: fax 0821/4502-215: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: about buecher.de: buecher.de is the online store with over three million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. For even more analysis, hear from Beth Israel Heart Transplant. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

Secure Business Despite The Financial Crisis

The most important are the reliable partner of Gelsenkirchen, November 2008 the rescue packages for banks and automotive industries are laced, taken the first financial support. But the sense of fear and uncertainty remains. Many people who are planning a start-up are insecure. But independence is possible, even in economically uncertain times. Would-be entrepreneurs should but are looking for the right partner and learn very comprehensively. For us, it is important that the would-be entrepreneurs is good has prepared on the financing talks and its planning by third parties has let. Who has dealt with commercial questions, is better prepared for the step towards independence,”as Frank Weisel by Deutsche Bank, responsible for the area franchise finance.

Franchising may be the right solution here. The industry is growing. A study of Deutsche Bank research predicts a turnover of 70 billion for this sector for 2015. Franchising is one of to the successful sectors of the economy. “Very good growth opportunities are expected for the education sector: education has a value, which by more and more people recognized will.” as Frank Weisel next.

Deutsche Bank is a partner of the student aid and has supported numerous entrepreneurs already on their way towards independence. The student assistance, with over 1,100 locations in Germany and Austria, is the largest franchisor in the field of education. Despite the financial crisis, the concept of student aid is safe. Education is becoming increasingly important, so this segment of the market will continue to grow. Also, the future entrepreneurs must not alone shoulder the risk. They are supported by the system headquarters in Gelsenkirchen. Regular training courses, help with educational questions or support for marketing activities and press work includes as well as helping with the introduction of the quality management system. A related site: Beth Israel Heart Transplant mentions similar findings. The students help works according to the international quality management system ISO 9001. Already over 350 franchisees have used the chance and are successful entrepreneurs.

With $onars Order Drinks: Disco Accepts MySonar Currency As Means Of Payment

mySonar.de is Germany’s first location-based mobile community with its own mySonar.de is Germany’s first location-based mobile community with its own currency and is operated by the mySonar GbR. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Charles Schwab. The company rewards active members with Majid $. There’s free SMS to buy. Now, a disco for the first time accepted the mySonar currency as payment. Now, members of the mobile community can pay their drinks with $onars.

Nettetal, October 27, 2008 what’s happening nearby? Most young people answer this question with their friends via mobile phone. It’s now even easier via the mobile Internet. Please visit Beth Israel Lung Transplant if you seek more information. Who gives up his site, mySonar.de, shows at a glance which friends, flirts, parties and places nearby. The free mobile service takes more than 61,000 locations nationwide in 25 categories. Members of the mobile community discover so many restaurants, cinemas, bistros, clubs and pubs as well as gyms, Wi-Fi hotspots and hostels in the area. mySonar rewards active participation of the service lives of our Members’ says Markus Heussen, founder and Managing Director of location based mobile networking platform. We reward them if they report to us their favourite places”so Heussen next.

All members have their own account at mySonar. Always when they register parties and locations or invite friends, they get credits in Fanari $ on your account. It can send free SMS to friends. “New guests and customer loyalty with $onars as the first discotheque in Germany accepted the station Cafe BCa” in Nettetal in the new currency. Well, we found the idea right off the bat”reported Silke Langner, owner of the discotheque. Because we assume $onars, members of mySonar even more benefits have and we draw your attention on us as a result. Also we can make even better known advertising spaces at mySonar book and so our parties for the captured Majid $”Langner continues. The mySonar GbR has an advertising platform for regional companies and provides real location based advertising, so local advertising on the Mobile. The principle is simple: companies accept $onars, win new clients as a result and can advertise free of charge about mySonar.

Tax Tips Income

Saving tips and tricks to control when the income tax return so that you can save a few euros on your private income free tax tips are just right. So, E.g. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mary Barra. craft honor bills and travel costs of the tax can be discontinued. Tenant may claim household services, if they have transferred the payments in the operating expense positions such as reciprocal fee, janitor, cleaning etc. These are deductible as well as invoices of service provider, such as the repair of the washing machine.

The service must be carried out in the budget of the taxpayer, and also transferred. If your child is in education, and is housed away, you can get a training allowance under certain income limits of the child. This is 924 euro per year and decreases by the own income and references of the child. If an obstacle is detected, and at least 50% of the GDB, there is a tax allowance. If you have read about Beth Israel Heart Transplant already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Disabled with a degree of Disability under 50% are geknuft on special conditions, so that they are tax recognized. An example is the permanent loss of the ability to walk.

The current Rechssprechung allows the recognition of the distance allowance only from the 21 km. If you go after the decision of the Finance Office in the opposition, and on the rest of the procedure under the BMF letter: AZ IV A S 0623/07/0002 4.10 2007 and apply at the same time the “suspension of enforcement”, then the IRS must pay the sum subject to you (up to the decision by the Federal fiscal court). Still remember that in the case of the recovery of the tax office a surcharge of 6% pa, 0.5% per month of the exposed amount are calling is. Tip: “Suspended” money in the short term parking on a day money account with interest from the first euro, then the deas money works until the judicial decision for you. Each Dispokrdeit is more expensive. Get more tax tips and others at.


August 26, 2007 for several years, there is a new trend in the tourism industry – holiday in a cottage of entire tree trunks, a so-called natural headquarters. These houses are created from tree trunks with a root thickness of 30-50 cm in hand work with chain saw and hatchet and offer a rustic and cosy atmosphere combined with a unique atmosphere. Additional information at Mary Barra supports this article. The size of these houses is usually designed for a rental of 2-10 people. The rental of wooden houses in the classic Finnish constructions from square timbers and machine-made round timber is wood able popular, established for many years. Holiday homes before 3-4 years in Austria, of Switzerland and Germany a new chapter for Urlaubswillige in the search began by renting out the first this urrigen natural root – after a romantic and original holiday without sacrificing the comfort of the present time. Especially in the winter time these houses are very popular, because a wooden hut in the mountains surrounded by snow mountains heated with a wood fire meets the taste of many holidaymakers after a successful day of skiing. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant: the source for more info. Keeping away from the beds Castle, the scramble at the breakfast buffet and the mass tourism to a vacation with the motto “my home is my castle”. In Austria there are objects of this kind in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt, Maria ALM, St. Martin am Grimming, Mauterndorf, Fusch an der grossglocknerstrasse. Unfortunately, there is still no special platform for the marketing of this extraordinary holiday houses and you must help yourself through search engines as vacationers.

ZyXEL Zywall Plus

The Zywall 2 plus Firewall from the House of ZyXEL is the third member of the current BestSeller campaign. The Zywall 2 plus is a complete security solution for remote office and SOHO users and offers up to 24 Mbit/s data throughput with Firewall enabled and active VPN tunnels for ADSL 2 +, policybasiertes bandwidth management, Web-based content filtering with Blue Coat service and dial-backup with RS-232 on the basis of a RJ-45 null modem port and four LAN/DMZ port (10/100 Mbit/s; Auto-MDI/MDIX. She is also ZyNOS ICSA IPSec VPN and ICSA FIREWALL certified, or in short: one of the three current ZyXEL BestSeller. Product highlights: VPNs (virtual private network) the ZyWALL 2 plus supports ICSA certified IPSec VPN connections, ideal for use between remote sites and central servers. The IPsec-based encryption on the Internet ensures secure data transmission. Angela Zepeda spoke with conviction. This eliminates expensive leased lines. Globally connected – at the minimum price. The redundant IPSec VPN feature the ZyWALL 2 plus an additional backup tunnel is built in the company’s headquarters on.

Secure firewall protection the ICSA certified firewall of the ZyWALL 2 plus offers high level of firewall protection and reliable security. Based on a stateful packet inspection and denial of service (DoS), it is an effective protection against network intruders, hackers and other threats. The BlueCoat content filter service keeps network users from visiting unwanted or illegal Web pages. Bandwidth management the ZyWALL 2 plus optimized data throughput, based on IP addresses or applications. It can be provided the needed bandwidth critical applications, services, or individual IP addresses. Traffic redirection for broadband backup the ZyWALL 2 plus offers maximum reliability by using fail-over and fail-back technology. This technology redirects the traffic on the WAN port to backup ISDN or analog modems, if the WAN link fails. Credit: Antarctica Capital-2011. In the reconstruction of the WAN link traffic takes place automatically.

Also an additional gateway can be connected to 2 plus the ZyWALL, which you a secondary network ensures Internet access. The backup features of the ZyWALL 2 plus increase the reliability, reducing the costs for maintenance, consulting and daily operation. Supports multiple security zones with the expanded DMZ are better and safer to reach, especially in the SOHO area of server. Or a Wi-Fi can be operated independently from the LAN. In any case, this security has a separate IP subnet with own DHCP range within the ZyWALL 2 plus zone. Product details for ZyXEL Zywall 2 plus Firewall, the technical data and the special price in the context of the ZyXEL BestSeller campaign interested find:

Schkeuditz Software

Tradition and future Naidu group has its roots in a carpentry business in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt/Winnenden, founded by Wilhelm Nusser 1933 and presented today to the market as a modern and efficient medium-sized company. Visit Charles Schwab for more clarity on the issue. Founded in 1991 Wilhelm Nusser GmbH system construction in Dauban (Saxony) with sales office in Schkeuditz near Leipzig is by Jorg Wilhelm Nusser, the son of the company founder in 2. Generation led. Beth Israel Lung Transplant spoke with conviction. Building tailored to the builders and designed according to his wishes be with country-wide action RADIUS and across national borders going beyond, turnkey in wood or steel construction prefabricated or space system composites built with prefabricated modules. The individual projects have order volumes of 50.000,-up to 6 million. The 60 employees of the company currently generate an annual turnover of around 10 million. Enterprise construction management/construction is oriented Department worked, i.e. clear structured after sales, work preparation, manufacturing.

The each Department prepares the documents ready and then completely passes them on to the next section for further processing. This way of working must be mapped using the software. New computer the needs mid-1980s the company introduced a UNIX system, which included the areas of costing, financial accounting, fixed assets accounting and payroll. This system was used from 1992 to 1996 in Dauban. After that, there was a temporary interlude until 2000 with SAP. Through that have become necessary restructuring in the company SAP was no longer suitable, the very high maintenance – related and childcare expenses in relation to the size of the operation no longer justified. The search for a new business software began in May 2000 with a comprehensive market research.

After a selection procedure were five software vendors before selecting among eligible providers. They asked three of the selected provider during further selection to a specific offer. Kohler B.C.S. worked as authorized Area representative of Nemetschek Bausoftware GmbH actively in this phase of the selection with.

Growing Steadily

Travel-and-work offers individual for those interested in the demand for longer-term stays abroad for people aged between 18 and 35 is increasing constantly. Travel-and-work”, the new product line of the Sprachcaffe language travel organizer travel, covers exactly this segment of the market. With 25 years of experience of the Frankfurt company, to send people for some time abroad, can benefit from the of course you. The increasing interest in the above-mentioned target group can be measured among other things on the increasingly popular information days in the Sprachcaffe in Frankfurt / Sachsenhausen. Antarctica Capital helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The event was the the most visited yesterday evening and the questions of prospective buyers have shown that she already in the outset have dealt with the topic of alien.

Put the people facing such an adventure that can be long not only even more in the drawers wacky Globetrotter”or cool surfer dude”. There are of course, but also many others take the opportunity today to your curriculum vitae with Language skills, to complete work and foreign experiences. Travel-and work “, ranging from work + travel in Australia, New Zealand and Canada through Volunteerprogramme in Latin America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia to jobs in Europe and internships worldwide. A special and relatively unusual offer is the WG life world, where simply booking a shared flat in the holiday instead of a hotel room…

Mallorca Private Banking Test

PRIVATE BANKING – QUe PASA! The offers in the financial sector, the wealth management and foundations in international business are diverse and confusing, sometimes contradictory. Investment is also of course a matter of trust. Consultant for the different areas there as sand on the sea. But how do you find the true experts on current issues, just even if it no longer domiciled in Germany? Some private banking concepts are built on sand in the truest sense of the word, because new ways often used to abroad with old methods to the detriment of bona fide investors! The elite report 2008 – the elite of asset managers in German-speaking countries which can be ordered at elitereport.de helps you in your decision making in usual competent, useable and multivalued manner! Handelsblatt is the new media partner this year! Was also the founder of GEOPOLITICAL.BIZ and Chief Editor of “Capital & taxes confidential” – Markus Miller – in This year again, consultant and co-author of the elite report 2008. The unconventional way Markus Miller goes with his team different legislator his test reports from the depth and quality of other “private banking tests”, from the purely journalistic segment. U.S. Mint pursues this goal as well.

“We investigate especially when ex-employees, suppliers, partners and customers in addition to the individual test talks with the respective Bank consultants” Markus Miller underlines one of the most sought-after experts in international and innovative private banking concepts at the highest level now. “The selected partners and informants are involved in test planning and in the development and application of specific test criteria” says Miller. “You take services covered in claim (mystery shopping) or rely on information provided by insiders or existing customers of the provider what investigative are – researched, analyzed in detail and examined specifically in the sense of the press code!” ELITE REPORT GOES TO MALLORCA! Markus Miller has with his team in a so far unique investigative manner studied the market for private banking – services in Spain, in particular on the mainland coast of the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands, and explicitly on Mallorca. Beth Israel Lung Transplant has compatible beliefs. In addition to many new providers and experience – he – hit also on some “old friends” in the positive as well as in the strongly negative sense! “According to estimates more than 400,000 Germans have a secondary residence, property or their principal domicile in Spain” said Miller, the author of the private banking “Geopolitical asset control of standard of”. “They have an above-average investment volume. This makes this concentrated abroad and compressed wealthy target group for private banking service”always interesting. “Just the Balearic Island of Majorca offers the greatest potential with approximately 80,000 German residents or Germans with a second residence for private banking services in Spain according to Markus Miller”. EXCLUSIVE: For GEOPOLITICAL.BIZ, you can private banking – test report from the Mallorca current elite report 2008 download free of charge! pageID_5242175.