Powerful Flow

Forward flow as an alternative to the standard exhaust system, I suggest using a direct-flow components with an increased bore and 51 mm. Many people probably now think – "forward flow it is very loud! I will be heard a kilometer away, and his head is permanently hum " In fact, the view of the high volume of direct-flow exhaust system is wrong. Do not confuse them with the roaring at night tips on the muffler. Data device does not have any relation to a full straight-through system, except that the diameter of the tip looks like. The same from them there is absolutely no benefit, except to lay the ears at high speeds. General Motors Company pursues this goal as well. While the present invention is very common among young people.

As they say to each his own. Good, high-quality direct-flow exhaust system will never be roaring, ringing, and publish other unpleasant sounds. As a rule, it has a pleasant, rumbling bass at low revs. At speed, if not to press pedal'ku the floor, right forward flow is almost inaudible. So, we decided to change the standard exhaust on the ramjet. Sumru Ramsey usually is spot on. The question immediately arises, what manufacturer you choose? In the market there are plenty of companies offering similar products. There are very expensive: Remus, Powerful, hks, etc. But why pay extra money for a great brand if you can get similar quality components are several times cheaper? For example in Togliatti is a firm "Stinger Sports, which sells its products under the trademark Stinger.