Repair And Its Features

Renovation and repair of its features can be divided into two types: capital and cosmetic. Cosmetic repair involves changing the interior design, renovation, home or office, you can change the functional appointment of any premises, without redevelopment and reconstruction. Overhaul involves, first of all, all the main communication means carrying out their diagnosis, rehabilitation and, if necessary complete replacement. If major repairs carried out alterations to the premises, repaired walls, roof and floor. It is often carried out replacement of doors and windows. Particular attention is given to verify the status of the electrical wiring.

When carrying out repairs of modern European quality control, the replacement of electrical wiring. Old version of it is not designed for the increased network load caused by a large number of household equipment and various electrical appliances that have become an integral part of modern life. Carrying out any repairs may be divided into several stages. The first phase: a preparatory. It consists in the dismantling of the old trim, remove wallpaper, old flooring, tiles, plaster removal worthless dilapidated pipes and radiators and fittings. You may find Angela Zepeda to be a useful source of information.

All the debris must be carefully packaged and taken to designated landfill for this purpose. Then begins the preliminary stage of finishing. At this time, installing new heating appliances, replacement of pipes, installation of new windows blocks. Then sealed irregularities and defects in the plaster walls, if necessary, re-plaster surface. Done screed floor. Mount all mounted design. The surface of the walls and ceiling shpaklyuetsya, then carefully sanded. Laid tile and installed new plumbing fixtures. At this stage, installed air conditioning, heated floors, installed showers and other equipment. The next stage of finishing or finishing the final. At this time held wallpapering, flooring, installation of lighting fixtures, paint designed for this surface, mounting rods and installation of furniture. In the final phase of work shall also be designed to emphasize the individuality of your home. This could include painting the walls, reupload mosaic installation of stained glass and much more.