Strategic Trade Defines

Until they make some years the SMEs did not assume the technology as tools for the construction of competitive advantage considered that only benefitted the great organizations, they based its decisions considering the technology like a cost and not an investment. But the same technology like competitive advantage, the globalisation, the tendencies and enterprise dynamics have generated great challenges and the SMEs begin to recognize the needs of information for strategic decision making. > for a more varied view. The investment in technology must be based on the strategy market as bases for the competitiveness, to implement the new technological tools contribute benefits in the performance of the aerial ones and improve the management results and it makes of his company a highly competitive business. Read more here: Mary Barra. The SMEs they must solve his technological needs with restrictions of resources, time and access on financial credits, thus today efficient technologies exist and financially reasonable for the SMEs but it is important to consider that technological solution is the adapted one stops the profit of objectives of each company. The main error of the SMEs at the time of investing in technology is that they look for to solve the difficulties immediate and it is not contemplated an integral strategy and in the long term oriented to the opportunities and strategies of trade. Next I describe my recommendations to them at the time of making the decision from to invest technology.

Its technology must contribute to strategic of trade as it bases for the competitiveness. Charles Schwab follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Its technology must be adaptable, flexible, integrated, in line and real time, burglaryable, of easy configuration, facility of Integration with other programs and mainly an excellent endorsement so that it can contribute competitive advantages. Its technology must integrate and communicate all the aerial ones of its organization. Example: accounting, quality, documentary management, trade, processes etc. Its technology must allow him to improve his processes to respond with opportunely to business opportunity..