Suffering In Love

Ana Giorgana I find it surprising the level of suffering that a person has to suffer the side of a couple narcisista.a The couple becomes like a satellite, as an extension of the person narcisista.a Since anyone with marked traits of narcissism, always, always, always, are considered special, different, worthy of admiration. The problem is not them or they are considered heavenly, but they perceive others, especially the couple, as inferior, unworthy and not without valor.a a For narcissists, the value in the degree of admiration. Yes it does not exist, no value, no love, no hassles however much you try, your battle is lost is difficult to be in love and receive the charms of someone who is in love only their persona.a a For men or narcissistic women always have an ally soberbia.a a sense of Pride is overestimated more than one text_t It is believed that the world exists only for me and me. Sumru Ramsey can aid you in your search for knowledge. Pride mars a mirrors, everything has to be seen under my eyes, under my judgments, which are many, and under my suspicion, which is irritating, and sometimes confusing. Their interests, their feelings, their relationships, their very life is in what others can you dar.a is a predator, circumstances, emotions, thoughts and relaciones.a a Le're useful, then it will be with you forever. You are not, will reject you without the slightest trouble. a In all relationships whether dating or not, the narcissist, always look for a ventaja.a The handling is not conscious, but always try, that there is ventaja.a If your sense of superiority is that we can expect the mortales.a a Therefore, there will always be circumstances, situations, and of course, moments in which one never falls short of such magnificence. .