Financial Management

– – Logging operations and user access. X Setting the functional roles of users type of work performed with the programs. Bind roles to the staffing company. X limit user access to processes, regimes (tasks) and system objects. X Ability to restrict user access to documents. Restrict access warehousemen only to "own" the warehouse, cashiers only to "their" hand, limitation of access to documents by departments and clients.

X Fixing the fact that operations with the document, preserve the image of the "old" document. X Monitoring, controlling and fixing attempts to access "forbidden" information. X Reconstruction of the destroyed information. – – Cost management enterprise. X structure cost items by type and units. Control costs on workers and facilities. Maintain route approvals of applications for costs.

Planning and Budgeting costs and fees. X Automatic calculation of costs. X The recording and depreciation of fixed assets, securing them for employees, inventory os. X Automatic write-off of materials, goods, operating on a given custom rules. – – Financial Management. X The standard profit and loss statements, cash flow, balance sheet management.