Casting revealed interesting characters for the extensive fashion production of the Dresden team. The 13.03.09 showed Dresden is international and professional on the last Friday, March 13, 2009, a casting took place from 19 to 21 h before and in the Salon of Alexander Seidel in the Altmarkt-Galerie. As in the previous years, so the rush was great again. But with some differences: on the one hand, the turnout was far more international. 10 different origin Nations were represented among the approximately 60 participants. On the other hand, some models, which have long been professionally Act and agencies under contract were among the candidates.

As expected, the percentage of prospective students prevailed. From the participants of the casting now six people are selected, which the fashion production TrendstDD 2009 at the weekend 28 / 29.03. and 04 / 05.04.2009 realized is. On Saturday, the hairstyle creation with dyeing, cutting and basic styling is done. Sunday starts with the final styling for the shoot: hair, makeup and outfit, the by Dresdner fashion designers will be created. Then it goes to the recordings will be recorded as a parallel video and stop-motion movie. The results are published in the specially created booklet and in national magazines.

In addition they will be seen on the Internet as picture galleries and videos on, as well as on various portals. The conclusion of the initiator Organizer Alexander Seidel is satisfied with the result of auditions: the participation again showed me that Dresden closed up faces of fashion, new trends and forms of creative expression. There were real types in that very inspiring work alone with their emergence.” Favorably, he looks at the development of fashion production initiated by him: for us, it was already the third casting and it confirms our 2007 beaten path. With him, we want to show that even seemingly normal ‘ people of full appeal stuck. In my experience many people of her charms are not aware. It is easy to show important, that everyone Man is beautiful. It takes an expert eye, imagination and craftsmanship level. With my team I have ideal conditions and look forward again to impress the viewer with the before-after result.” It is important to him that this is not a result of intensive image processing on the computer, but craftsmanship. Finally, the hairdressing profession evolved immensely and is now in many areas style embossing. That he has a such format, Alexander Seidel has proved in his competition career, in which he has been internationally awarded and crowned his career with the title. High-quality images can be found here: pictures of the casting 2009, as well as of the previous productions are freely available for download. Your login for is: user: Editor password: seidel producing fashion on the Internet on photos/alexander seidel / you expect the results of the productions in 2007 and 2008. See… / Frisurentrends_2008_2009… You the clip to the 2008 production. And under.

Nagh Rodney

The histological studies have also confirmed the strong attenuation of the inflammatory response mediated by the immune system. The research demonstrated that the thermal water of Harkany has not only local, but also a systematic effect. The effectiveness of treatment in Harkany has been proved by a study. A group of patients has received tap water bath, the other group of thermal water bath in addition to the same local treatment. After evaluating the details of sixty patients has to get the following results: thermal water of Harkany, day 0 (PASI index at the beginning of 100%, day 21 (PASI index) 38.1 +/-5.3% control group (tap water), 30 patients, day 0 (PASI index) 100%, day 21 (PASI-index) the life quality index of patients has significantly improved 69.1 +/-4.9% In the course of the investigation.) In the active Dermatology patients can be supplied according to flag as private patients. Sufferer who require the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system and internal medicine, or suffer from psoriasis and are insured by the social security system, can be helped through the financing of national health insurance, in part or whole. More information is available at: Harkany Gyogyfurd? Korhaz, Zsigmond setany, H-7815 Harkany, Tel.: + 36 72 580-900, E-Mail: Web: Harkany, one of the most important resorts of Hungary, is located in southern Transdanubia, in the Valley of the river Drava. His name is mentioned for the first time in a document from 1323 as “Nagh Rodney”.

The area was already inhabited before the middle ages, the finds from the Avar and Roman times prove this. The sights of Harkany were the Roman Catholic Church. On the outside wall of the church built in the 1990s are scenes from the passion of Christ on fire enamel panels by artist Laszlo Morvai. The fire enamel representations continue on the stations of the Church garden, where significant events and personalities of Hungarian history are represented.