A culinary greeting for healthy eating do you Susskartoffelveloute Duxelles de champignons, gingerbread mango, peach Erdbeertatar? Surprise yourself and your taste buds and enjoy Rohkostliches as God in France. Charles Schwab will not settle for partial explanations. 175 pages raw food recipes and cooking ideas are offered the reader once other than traditional, so to speak with whistle and bite, colourful and delicious just raw delicious. Already the photos show how to enjoy Rohkostliches in France. The variety of proposals helps easily conjure up new from fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs and local spices. This book provides culinary variants for all seasons and animated to create entire menus for guests or to become active quickly sometimes for a little snack in the kitchen without a stove. RohKostlich from France”, the competent accompaniment offers some combination of fresh, tasty and appealing and healthy from the for everyone, Raw food landscape on the table will bring. After thorough research in various departments of their home nation, a culinary homage to France succeeded in the author. Both for lovers of the vital food as well as for beginners in this profession offers this book new and challenging to the daily diet and any raw food lovers will find many useful suggestions and useful advice. -RohKostlich from France”by Nelly Reinle Carayon, 175 pages with practical inner spiral binding, 50 recipes with coloured illustrations, information about the degree of difficulty, to used appliances and time information, will appear end of September in the Palatine Media Office. In the book a comprehensive what can be found + like? “, a small food science, as well as the several raw food testimonials.” The book is in the book and retailers, as well as via the Internet-shop of the author under to 26.95 euros available. RohKostlich from France”, 175 pages, author: Nelly Reinle CARAYON Publisher: Palatine Media Office (ISBN 978-3-9812312-7-4), price: 26.95

Memories Of Franz Kisseneppner And Other Useful Thoughts

An eBook to a euro, and in the next few months for free for PC or mobile devices. Wolfgang Wallner-F. An eBook to a euro, and in the next few months for free for PC or mobile devices. Wolfgang Wallner F., the author of books such as “Elihu – survivor records out of eternity” and “Joseph – the way to the Graal” presents short stories, conversations, thoughts, poems for moments and linger in this publication. “Memories of Franz Kisseneppner and other useful thoughts” take over 180 pages. At a reading of some of these short stories in the ORF/o1 Wolfgang presented Wallner F. so: the Viennese author Wolfgang Wallner F.

must be all a distant cousin of Woody. In addition to more serious prose, Wallner F. writes also stories that oscillate between philosophy and nonsense between slapstick and deeper meaning. Philosophical knowledge interest meets the problems of everyday life and mixes on the most glorious to a witty amalgam of eccentric Bildungsbeflissenheit and punch lines in the style of the British Comic troupe Monty Python. These stories are not only aim to be funny, they have their roots in the struggle of the author with the history of Western philosophy and the more recent insights into quantum physics. Wolfgang Wallner F. suggests itself, it “surreal worlds”, in which many of these stories play at the first glance.

After the so-called “many worlds interpretation” to the quantum mechanics found yet access to times past, even to the gods. What would have the advantage, so Wolfgang Wallner F., that the protagonists, perhaps even the readers who could change their own world and even their own past. This reading is free to hear via the homepage of the author. The eBook “memories of Franz Kisseneppner and other useful thoughts” contains some short stories, conversations, thoughts, and also a few poems, probably mostly serious, but also the notion in the Austrian Broadcasting according to. Also be here independent parts of the two successful “” Longseller”author presented which may interest in the books: Elihu left records of eternity” and Joseph towards the Graal “could awaken. Available in print and eBookversionen. You can visit the author on its homepage: Ferdinand Niehammer 12.01.2012

Rose GardenVerlag

Publisher Angelika Schweizer offers unusual, entertaining and useful information for the long winter evenings, there are interesting books, want to be like geschmokert in the cosy warmth. The rose garden Publisher offers readers not only entertaining books, but also for the domestic hearth exclusive cookbooks. “” A good book in one and a homemade fragrant biscuit in the other hand – so love the bookworms “their books book – winter evenings”. Who don’t like keeps printing goods in the hands, has the ability quickly to his favorite novels, or the recipes from the low-carb cooking- and to get back the book world. If you have a Smartphone or other mobile reader, can be downloaded quickly and with immediate payment.

Here are a few suggestions from the rose garden Publisher: Book: short description friends forever ISBN-13: 978-3981616507 19.90: This biographical tale focuses on the close friendship is a girl and her horse. These unique relationship takes the author as the basis of relations between humans and animals, but also about fellow human beings, environment, to think about politics and current events. The reader will find interesting ideas and impulses to his own life the book is worthwhile not only for horse lovers and worth reading. Book: I am a small King ISBN-13: 978-3981616538 14.80 short description: now I’m talking about! Have we met? I still can’t believe. You can however change that quickly with this book.

Then, you will also learn why it is worthwhile in any case – I’m a French Bulldog – get to know me. Oh, you have been a dog? I learn, what differences are there – you will be surprised hard. Of course, we are all great dogs, but we’re just real clowns Bullys. You have a dog? You will see: for this book I see already the address of a bully breeder find you.