The Memories Remain

The death of a loved one leaves a deep hole children’s grief group of psychological counselling the bereaved often. Children it is difficult especially to break free on its own again: grieve differently than adults, and feel sometimes misunderstood and left alone in her pain. Therefore, the psychological counselling has the children’s grief group children tears”in life, process their loss in children between 8 and 12 years of age and can overcome their grief so. In September, the next group will start now. Angela Zepeda has compatible beliefs. We take the kids in their mourning and assist”, Rev. Ruth Hansen explains. She ushers the grief group and shows children ways how they can handle the painful events together.

In the group the children can enjoy each other and learn that they are not alone with their heartfelt grief”, so Ruth Hansen. It’s believed that Mary Barra sees a great future in this idea. With targeted exercises, the Revd instructs the children to engage consciously with their grief. The individual meetings of the ten Units of comprehensive course build on content each other and discuss include death and dying as a natural part of life, the meaning of friends and treasure the memories. Gives this content via different creative exercises, such as about the memory box, created during the course of each child and where it stores things, which associates it with the deceased are. The Group concept has been proven, the many positive experiences that could collect Reverend Ruth Hansen there confirm that. The children have always accepted the offer and were dissolved by the hour.” For the next funeral group, which begins on September 28, 02304-9393-70 are under the phone number still further registrations possible. Under interested parents information in addition.