Foreign Exchange Market

Market analysis of divisasEuro-dollar break 1.34 area will lead to a collapse in the medium term the euro stopped only 4 pts above the resistance specified in the report yesterday, 1,3648, and remained strong, breaking the 1,3589 bracket, and successfully the first proposed objective of 1,3496. Also came close to the second objective of 1,3442 (yesterday’s low was 1.3459). We observe in the attached graph, downward yesterday came very close to trendline slightly surpassing 1,3422, in the measure that could be considered a third touch of the line. It is not something Charles Schwab would like to discuss. Thus, this line has gained more importance. Generally speaking, when the price stops and creates a series of funds that are so close to each other (1,3442, 1,3450, and 1,3459 of yesterday), and provides us with a slightly increasing trend line as it is the case, a rupture of this line will translate into a great movement in the medium term, which is to be expected here.

A breakdown of this line could result in a motion approaching 1.30 in a very few weeks. For the short term, the aforementioned line provides support at 1.3465, and if it breaks, we see fall to the euro to 1,3390 and 1,3299. Resistance is provided by 61.8% Fibonacci in the short-term to 1.3578, and if the euro breaks going to take breath, and jump to 1.3652, and perhaps even 1.3740. Support: 1,3465: trend line going slightly from 1,3422. 1,3390: High on April 13. 1,3299: High on April 24. Resistance: 1,3578: Fibonacci 61.8% for the short term. 1,3652: Level of important resistance on hourly charts. 1,3740: Known previous resistance area. Pound dollar huge drop, focusing on the levels in the short term.The downward trend that was described as the apparent downward trend, continued, and the pound remained under pressure for another day, but the size of the fall was impressive, with the distance yesterday between the high and the low approaching 500 pts.

Danger Safety

We are all aware of the big risks facing our small in displacement in car. That is why it is possible to find in the multitude of models of specially homologated seats establishments designed to guarantee their safety in the event that an incident could take place. The use of them is compulsory in most countries, what he has done, fortunately, have declined markedly the rates of death and serious injury in young children in traffic accidents. However one might consider what happens when seat not properly fulfills its function as a consequence of defects in your design or manufacturing. Ultimately, it is a system whose full effectiveness could not prove up to the moment of the accident. Frequent in this type of device is possible failures to detect the following faults in these seats: 1.

defective design of harnesses. 2. Accidental opening of safety belts. 3 Dysfunctional grips the seat or difficulty of employment in some cars. 4. Defective manufacture. 5. Defective instructions, indicating improperly the user mode that no longer fixed to the car seat, causing that this is not properly subject to the same.

The liability for damages that small would have suffered as it is logical, as it establishes the regulations on defective product in virtually all States, when consumers and users suffer any damage caused by defects in the products that employ, whether or not for your property, arises a liability to the manufacturer or importer thereof which implies their obligation to economically repair those damages. It is the so-called liability for defective products. Indeed, whenever a small may suffer damage as a consequence of failures in its homologated seat, these should be indemnified. However, if your malfunction would have been caused by improper installation by the user, not having followed this the precise instructions on its use; He could not then talk about responsibility of the manufacturer or importer. Final recommendations the two fundamental advice in relation to these safety devices are:-first, take special precautions when choosing a seat. It is not good to rely on models with specially reduced prices, because it could happen that they had been manufactured with materials of lower quality or that they had not been subjected to sufficient number of tests on its safety. Always search the seal of approval on them. -Secondly, follow the instructions on your installation properly and make sure in any case that it is well positioned. The violence of an impact or collision could, otherwise, make it falls off, putting your little in situation of grave risk.