2 Ways To Make Money Blogging

Blogs are taking the world by storm and thousands of blogs are started every day, so naturally, people want to make money with them and I guess that's why you're here. So how to make money a blog? Here are two methods that bloggers are using every day to earn money. Advertising sales This is by far the most popular way to monetize a blog. People buy advertising on blogs to gain more exposure for themselves, and that's where you and your blog into play, you can sell text links, banner ads 125 x 125 pixels in the sidebar. The possibilities are endless. In principle you will not be able to charge advertisers much, but a couple of dollars a month to make you more popular throughout the blogosphere.

Affiliate Marketing This is another winner, and many people earn much money with it every day. Please visit Charles Schwab if you seek more information. Basically, these big companies get paid for selling things from them. Say you have a blog about dogs, which seems to be a popular topic these days, and you know about this great healthy dog food is really good for dogs. Look up the company that sells this food and you realize you have an affiliate program. So you sign up and receive a personal link to be able to refer people through it. Whenever someone purchases online this dog food with the link you, get a commission for selling the product. For people who sell digital products such as videos or online services, the commission may reach up to 75% or more.