Financial Net

Osama bin Laden passed the proeminence, to a large extent, due to its wealth and of its ancestry and leverage of the wealth for support to the Mujahideen in the Afeganisto in the decade of 1980. While some legitimate doubts exist on its paper as a soldier in the conflict, its paper as financial is unquestioned. Al Qaeda is an original plan business-oriented of the pecuniary philosophy, structure of some of the people – key and with the organizations that can behind be tracked in the envolvement Bin Laden in the campaign anti-Soviet a generation. Osama co-established and helped to execute the Maktab al lil Khidmat Mujahideen al-Arab (MAK), or the Services of afghans in Peshawar, in 1984, Pakistan. ' ' To work with its mentor, Abdullah Azzam Yosef, Bin Laden acted as recruiting of the financial group. Together, used Azzam and Bin Laden MAK to help to organize and to finance jihad anti-Soviet since its foundation until the Soviet withdrawal, in February of 1989. Of the office of spreading of the propaganda, it raised money, and the jihadis enlisted through an extensive net of places around of the world.

The enterprise and organizacional shrewdness learned to work in the familiar company, Bin Laden helped to construct the essential infrastructure on which the Mujahideen depends stops to be able to function efficiently. When constructing one ' ' base' ' Al-Qaeda announces the future of the operational doctrine. Deep canalized for the MAK of an ample variety of sources. It will have its proper used family wealth (received from the family, Bin Laden Group) to help to finance the resistance, as well as construction equipment forwarded by familiar company for the Pakistan to help to construct roads, fields, hospitals and other necessary installations for the Mujahideen. It also received a variety from deep of Islamic supplied givers and charity, organizations and information of contact of each one benefactor meticulously registado.

Brazilian Administration

The indifference for the lost chances, the slowness and the lack of I dialogue between society and public administrators weaken the image of the government, the discredit strengthens the speech who keep the apathy and ratify the message of the media more conservative, whom the corruption in explicit way prints in the same way and not guideline the promising experiences of the public administration. In diverse news articles the periodicals only inform the negative aspect of the taxation, the government are portraied as villainous that it at every moment usurps the familiar income of the Brazilian. I agree that we pay many taxes and that we constantly need reforms taxes not to punish poor, but the logic of the necessary journalistic speech to be modified, of the accusatory and small tone for an educative vision that standes out also the purpose of the taxes, taxes and contributions, that must return the society in the form from public services of quality. in this dynamic context of you strike, contradictions and responsibilities that the advance of the technology of the information appears as protagonist for the exercise of the citizenship, the expansion of the Internet makes possible the more effective social control, although the limitations of access the net. The public administration fits to follow the recommendations of complementary law 131/09, disponibilizando in real time and in transparent way the referring information to the public finances. The advertising of the administrative acts fortifies the public administration, therefore it legitimizes to the action politics, it establishes a commitment of the rendering of accounts and consolidates an information channel that keeps a positive image of the government before the formadores of opinion, justifying the importance of the vote and the social control. Matheus Da Silva Ribeiro, student of Management of Public Politics? EACH/USP. Article motivated for disciplines of Financial Right, given for the professor Doctor Marcelo Arno Nerling.